How to Budget Wedding Catering How to Budget Wedding Catering

When planning a wedding, it is a good idea to budget everything, and wedding catering is no exception. Careful budgeting of wedding catering can help you to keep down the costs of your big day.

Find the Funds

Work out where the money for the wedding catering will come from: try and limit contributions from family and friends that might not materialise. Make sure that the money you are allocating to the wedding catering will actually be available.

Work out the Number of Guests

Count how many guests you will need to provide wedding catering for: you will find that most caterers for weddings charge a per-person tariff, and the more accurate your estimates about the number of people coming, the more effective your wedding catering budget will be.

Consider Ingredients

Food costs can really eat into a wedding catering budget, so try not to order too many exotic or difficult-to-obtain foods for your wedding. It might be better to choose simple, plain meals that can be sourced locally.

Consider Service

The other major cost of wedding catering is choosing people to serve the food. Having people serve the meal can sometimes cost double that of a buffet or self-service meal: consult with your caterer about the different options.

Finally: check your contract to make sure that the wedding catering company has not included extra costs, including cleaning, cutlery rentals, and tipping.

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