How to Buff Out Scratches in Cork Flooring

What You'll Need
Broom, dust mop, or vacuum
Buffing machine
Lambs wool Pad

Because of its resiliency, sound deadening properties, and its warm appearance, cork flooring is often a popular choice of flooring for homeowners. However, because it is softer than other flooring materials, it is more easily scratched. If you have a cork floor, you will eventually want to know how to remove scratches from it. One effective way to remove light scratches is to buff it. Here's how to remove scratches on cork flooring by buffing.

Step 1 – Preparing Your Floor for Buffing

Buffing your floor when it has dirt and other debris on it is likely to create more new scratches than it will remove. Tiny sharp particles beneath your buffing pad will be pressed and rubbed against the cork, making new scratches. Before buffing, sweep or vacuum your cork floor. Examine scratches to determine if they are minor and can likely be removed by buffing.

Step 2 – Buffing Your Floor

When using a buffing machine, buff a small area and examine to determine if the scratches are being removed. When using a lambs wool buffing pad, apply only enough pressure to remove small scratches. Do not attempt to remove large scratches by buffing. This can further damage your floor.