How to Buff Your Engineered Wood Flooring Stairs How to Buff Your Engineered Wood Flooring Stairs

What You'll Need
Hot water
White vinegar
Spray Bottle
Wood Polisher
Wood polishing cloth
Rubber Gloves
Eye goggles

Though it is easy to wipe up spills and messes from wood flooring stairs, the material may develop wear and tear over time. For this reason, it is a good idea to buff the wood material as part of your regular maintenance. Follow the simple steps below to buff up your engineered wood flooring stairs.

Step 1 – Clean Stairs Using Broom

Before starting out, make sure you put on the safety gear mentioned above as the next few steps can get messy. Now, the first step in this activity is to clean up the stairs using a simple broom. Use this broom and ensure that all dust and debris is removed from the stairs. Such forms of debris are generally extremely harmful for wooden surfaces; hence it is important that cleaning with a broom is done on a regular basis.

Step 2 – Clean Stairs using Vinegar Mixture

Now, the next step in this process is to make a mixture to clean the wood floor stairs. In a spray bottle, mix a small portion of white vinegar with hot water. The ratio of vinegar to hot water should be about 1:4 respectively. Shake the spray bottle to ensure that the two liquids mix together properly. After shaking, spray large quantities of this mixture directly onto the wooden floor stairs.

Once you have applied the mixture all over the wooden floor stair, begin mopping up the floor. Circular mopping should work out the best in this case. Mop until the stairs are completely dry and free off the mixture. This entire step can be repeated with another mixture of vinegar and water if you will the wood stairs require further cleaning.

Step 3 – Apply Wooden Polisher

This step can be considered optional if the above steps prove to efficiently buff up the wooden floor stairs. However, if you feel that the stairs require additional cleaning, follow the steps below. On a soft cloth, dole out a small quantity of the wood polisher and start applying this all over the stairs. This step might consume a little extra time and energy, given that it has to be done completely manually. You can also make use of a buffer instead of a cloth if it is easily available. This shall make the wooden floor stairs shinier, and will also be simpler to use.

Step 4 – Dry Off Stairs

Now that all the cleaning and polishing has been taken care of, the next step is completely dry off the wood floor stairs. This can be done using an absorbent towel all over the stairs. Finally, use a dry mop all over the stairs as this will remove any remaining dirt and debris. By now, you should have extremely radiant and sparkly wood floor stairs.

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