How To Buff Your Floor How To Buff Your Floor

If you buff the floor every few months it will shine. Constant use and frequent cleanings will dull a shine but buffing will give the floor back its shine and a hardness to protect the it from damage.

Clean Floor

Before you fire up the buffing machine, sweep and mop the floor to make sure it is clean. Any dirt particles that remain can scratch the floor as the buffing machine spins.

Apply Paste Wax

Apply a thin layer of paste wax over the floor and allow it to dry to a dull finish.

Buff out Wax

You can use a buffing machine to make this job much faster if you have a large floor. Start slowly in a corner of the room and move the machine back and forth along the floor. However, if you have a small room, using a soft cloth and a little elbow grease will be a better option. Move the cloth in a circular motion until the wax is removed.

Apply Floor Polish

In the same manner that you removed the wax, apply the floor polish. Spread wax on the floor, a little at a time, and work in a steady pace from one corner to another. Rub the floor in a circular motion until the floor shines.

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