How to Build a Backyard Wood Sand Pit for Your Kids

What You'll Need
Treated Weatherproof Wood
Circular or Jigsaw
Black Sand Pit or Pond Liner
Galvanized Wood Screws
Tape Measure
Spirit Level
Staple Gun
Utility Knife

Kids love playing in a sand pit. It is great fun and can feel like a day at the beach if the weather is sunny and warm. Unfortunately, a sand pit can get messy if the sand gets chucked out and scattered. Building a sand pit designed to keep the sand inside the barriers is a good way to protect the pit and prevent you from keep having to top up the sand. Making a sand pit is not at all difficult, but you will require some wood working skills.

Step 1 – Planning

Plan out where you are going to place the sand pit. You can opt to have a moveable pit which can be lifted and moved, but if you intend to set it in place, mark the area so that there is room around at least two sides for climbing in and out of the pit. If you have young children you might consider placing it in a partly shaded area of the garden to protect them from too much sunlight.

Step 2 – The Frame

Build the frame of the sand pit by cutting lengths of wood appropriate to the size you have measured. The depth of the pit should be between 1.5 and 2.0 feet but you can build it deeper if you wish. Attach the four edges of the wood the together to make a frame. Place the ends together to create a butt joint and screw two screws into the joint to secure the two pieces. Repeat with the others until you have a rectangle or square shaped frame.

Step 3 – The Base

Place planks of wood together, leaving a matchstick thin gap between each plank, to allow for movement. Secure the planks to the edge of the frame to make a flat bottom to the sand pit, much the same as a pallet looks upside down. You should end up with a wooden box with a neat base for the liner to be placed.

Step 4 – The Liner

Cut the sand pit or pond liner to the exact measurements of the entire inside of the sand pit. Allow for the edges so that you have no gaps between any joints. Staple the first side to the inside edge of one side of the sand pit, with the edge of the liner matching the very edge of the frame. Press the liner down until you reach the corner turn of the base and staple the liner into the corner. Stretch the liner across the base and staple it at the opposite corner, making sure there are no bubbles or creases.

Step 5 – Other Edges

Staple the opposing edges once you have completed the first two. Trim off any excess liner material with a utility knife.

Step 6 – Sand

Fill with the correct type of sand. Sand pit sand can be purchased from a DIY store and it stays drier than building sand because it has a finer consistency. Fill with a bucket and spade and let your kid have a great time.