How to Build a Barbecue Grill

What You'll Need
Slate table (1 or 2)
Soft building sand
2 wooden boards measuring 3 x 3 feet
2 wooden boards measuring 2 1/2 feet in width and 4 feet in height

There is nothing comparable to using your own barbecue grill on summer days and nights with friends and family. Barbecue grills come at a cheap price, but building your own barbecue will be even cheaper and it is relatively simple. There are two main materials you can use, brick or metal. Nonetheless, it is advisable to build brick barbecue grills to avoid metal rust problems. Moreover, it is even a cheaper material and simpler in construction method than the metal barbecue grill. There are two main shapes you can build your grill in (rectangular and circular), but a rectangular one is easier to build and clean than a circular one, so we will be building a rectangular barbecue grill.

Step 1 – Making the Frame

The first thing to do is to choose the area where to build the barbecue. The best area is on a paved area or patio. Next, you will be making a frame around which to build the actual brick barbecue. You will use the 4 foot board for the back of the barbecue, the 2 ½-foot boards for the sides and the 3 x 3 feet board for the front. Nail them together so you have a rectangular frame. Place the frame in the area where you want your barbecue set up.

Step 2 – Building the Barbecue

After having set up the frame you will be building the barbecue around it. Place the first row of bricks around the frame without mortar so that you can check how to place the bricks themselves. Keep in mind not to place the bricks too tightly with the frame because you will be removing it later on. Now mix five parts building sand and one part cement to create the mortar. Use the trowel and tray to move around with the mortar as you cover the bricks. After having regulated how the bricks will fit around the frame you can add the mortar and brick in layers up to the sixth layer. Remember to remove the frame after the second or third layer.

Step 3 – Making Supports for the Slate Table, Grate and Grill

When creating the seventh layer turn two bricks sideways towards the outside at the center of the side rows. Make sure to space them evenly because they will be supporting the slate tables. If you want only one slate table turn only one brick sideways on the side you prefer. After this is done build another layer. On the ninth layer we will be creating the supports for the grate. This time turn four bricks sideways towards the inside along side walls of the barbecue. Create another layer on top of the ninth, and on the eleventh layer turn another four bricks sideways towards the interior, following the same pattern of the ninth layer, to support your grill. After this is done add another layer all around and then three or more layers in a u-shaped fashion around the sides and back of the grill.

Step 4 – Finishing up

After the barbecue has dried you can add the slate table, the grate and the grill. First, place the slate table(s) on the lower outside supports you have created on the seventh layer and secure it with mortar. On the ninth layer supports insert the grate on which wood or charcoal will be placed. On the eleventh layer place the grill. You can now light up the fire and start your barbecue.

This is one of the easiest and most durable methods of building a barbecue grill. Keep in mind that if correctly built, a brick-and-mortar barbecue will be even more durable than a commercial barbecue. So consider taking up the time to build your own barbecue grill instead of buying one.