How to Build a Barbeque Grill How to Build a Barbeque Grill

A great way to save money is learning how to build a barbeque grill. By building a barbeque grill, you open up the doors for family gatherings, saving money by dining in, and you can even help the environment by using and recycling common materials. This guide will show you how to build a barbeque grill by recycling an oil drum and using basic welding techniques.

To build a barbeque grill you will need:

  • Welding machine.
  • 55 gallon oil or liquid drum
  • Several pieces of angle iron
  • Grill mesh
  • Steel cutting circular saw
  • 6 heavy duty metal hinges
  • 2 large bags of natural based cat litter
  • Small pressure washer
  • Scrap metal
  • Drill
  • Fire proof handle

    Step 1 – Remove any oil residue from the drum.

    The natural and green way of removing the oil is to use a natural based cat litter. Empty two large bags of natural based cat litter into the drum. Roll the drum several times and empty out the cat litter. Dispose of the cat litter according to your area's rulings regarding hazardous or oil waste.

    Step 2 – Cut and clean the oil drum.

    The barbeque grill will be laying on it's side and result with a top and bottom half. Using the steel cutting circular saw, you will cut the drum in half. Carefully separate the drum halves. Clean the inside halves of the oil drum with the power washer to remove any remaining oil or debris.

    Step 3 – Build the barbeque stand.

    Ideally, you will have four leg pieces, one front bar, one back bar, two top side bars, a left and right piece for stabilizing the side legs, and a back stabilizing bar piece to stabilize the back of the barbeque grill stand. Weld the pieces with the welding machine. Remember that your barbeque grill drum will be cradled by the top of the barbeque stand.

    Step 4 – Prepare the drum.

    Weld a small portions of scrap metal to the sides, front, and back of the grill about one inch from the top. These will act as your shelving unit for the barbeque grill mesh. Cut your barbeque grill mesh to fit and slide it into place to ensure that it fits and sits properly in the bottom half of the grill. Weld the six hinges to the bottom half of the barbeque grill an equal distance apart. Drill vent holes on the left and right side of the top half of the grill. Attach the fire proof handle and weld the top half of the barbeque grill to the previously attached hinges.

    Step 5 – Place and test your grill. Close the grill and make sure that the hinges and handle are working properly. Carefully set the grill onto its stand. Stabilize the barbeque grill by welding it onto the grill stand. Fill the base of the grill with charcoal, place the grill mesh, light the charcoal, and begin the test run of your grill. Make sure that the grill is venting properly and make any adjustments necessary.

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