How to Build a Baseball Card Display Case

What You'll Need
Wood board
Acrylic sheet
Double-sided sticky tape
Thin foam
Card or paper
Power drill
Nuts and bolts
Scissors or utility craft knife

Whether you are a collector or have a single rare baseball card that deserves a better profile, using a baseball card display case is an ideal way to put it on show. Building one yourself will allow you to customize it to your exact specifications to produce a case that will match the card perfectly.

Step 1 – Design

The first step required to create a baseball card display case is to draw up a design. Making it yourself with give you a number of options to choose from in terms of style, shape and size. A basic and effective case can be achieved with a square, but this can be amended as you desire. Think about any decorative accents that you wish to add to enhance the baseball card.

Step 2 – Measure and Cut

Decide on the size of the case and use a ruler to measure the wood in accordance with these, marking the relevant lines with a pencil. Ensure that it is a perfect square by double checking that all of the sides are an equal length. Once you are satisfied with the outline of the baseball card display case, use a saw to cut out the shape from the wood. Smooth cut edges with sandpaper and wipe away the resulting sawdust.

Use the piece of wood as a template to place against the foam and acrylic individually to trace around it. Carefully saw along the score lines on the acrylic and cut the foam with a scissors or knife. Be aware that using a craft knife will result in a more precise and clean cut. Using the measurements of the baseball card to mark the foam where the baseball card will be positioned. Make sure it is in the exact center by measuring the distance between the edges of the case and the card to make sure they match. Use the foam as a template for the card or paper that you will use to frame the baseball card, trace around it before cutting.           

Step 3 – Drill Holes

Use a power drill to create holes in the corners of the wood and acrylic which will hold the fasteners. Measure to ensure the holes will be flush when they are pressed together. If you are reluctant to mar the look of the case by drilling holes, use metal clips along the edges of the baseball card display case. One per side should be sufficient.    

Step 4 – Assemble

Lay the wood backing of the baseball card display case on a flat surface and stick some double-sided sticky tape to the edges. Position the foam on top and gently press it into place. Follow this process with the paper or card a top the foam. Fit the baseball card into the recess of the foam before covering it with the acrylic. Secure the nuts and bolts or metal clips to finish off.