How to Build a Basic Wooden Shadow Box How to Build a Basic Wooden Shadow Box

What You'll Need
Pine wood - Various lengths depending on the size of shadow box you want to make
Screws or nails
Screwdriver or hammer
Wood stain or paint

Building a shadow box in your home is a beautiful piece of furniture which can look amazing. It's also a great piece of furniture which can be used to display all sorts of your collectibles and awards.

Making your very own shadow box is actually a pretty easy project as long as you have access to the right tools and materials. Just make sure you've set plenty of time aside to complete the job properly.

Step 1 - Measure

The first thing you need to do is measure up for your shadow box. You will not be able to make the box until you know exactly how big you want it to be. To do this choose where you want to locate the shadow box and then measure the space available. As you should already know, you should measure twice and cut once.

Make sure that the box will definitely fit in the space you have allocated. There's nothing worse than spending time making the box only to find out that it won't fit.

Step 2 - Cutting

Once you've measured the dimensions of the shadow box you then need to start cutting the wood. Cut the length pieces of the wood depending on how big you want the box to be, then cut the sides of the box. You can also cut a small section inside of the box if you want.

After this you need to cut a small section of plywood for the back of the shadow box. The size of this will depend on the size of your box. Make sure that this fits the box properly and that there aren't any gaps.

Step 3 - Assembly

The next step is to assemble all of the pieces of make the shadow box. This is very easy and the parts simply need to be screwed together. Alternatively you can nail them together if you're better with a hammer rather than a screwdriver.

Once you have assembled the basic frame you should then fix the plywood back onto the rear of the unit. This is probably easier to nail on using small furniture nails.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

All that's left to do is finish off the shadow box by cutting molding and fixing it around the edges of the box. You should also paint or stain the shadow box to make it last longer. Choose the right type of stain or paint for your needs, this is mainly up to personal preferences.

Step 5 - Fixing the Box

The shadow box will be quite heavy which means you need to carefully fix it to the wall of your house. Make sure you use plenty of fixings and that it is completely secure.

Once you've finished making and fitting the shadow box the only thing you need to do is start displaying all of your trinkets and trophies on it. Of course if you don't have enough then you should probably start tyring to win some straight away.

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