How to Build a Bathroom Corner Shelf Part 2 How to Build a Bathroom Corner Shelf Part 2

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Wood screws

In the first part of the 2-part series on how to build a bathroom corner shelf, you took accurate measurements, cut the lumber for the job and built the frame that will hold the shelves to finally make up the corner shelf. This final part will teach you how the shelves are attached to the frame and how the full structure of the shelf can be either mounted on a wall or placed in the corner that you have measured. The tools and materials required for the job are given below.

Step 1 - Measure

Use the measurements you took for the lengths of the sides of the corner shelf. Mark these on the lumber you have left. You will use these measurements to cut out pieces of wood that will act as support for the curved shelved that you have to fit into the corner shelf frame.

Step 2 - Cut the Wood

Use a jigsaw to cut 1-inch wide pieces of wood of about the same length as the sides of the corner shelf. Make sure the length of these pieces of wood is just enough to provide support but not that much that they start sticking out from below the curved shelves when you apply them.

Step 3 - Finish the Bathroom Corner Shelf Frame and Shelves

Paint the corner shelf frame and its curved shelves with paintbrushes. Use smaller paintbrushes to paint around the edges. You may have to apply more than one layer of paint depending on how dark the wood is. After the paint dries, apply multiple layers of varnish for a glossy finish and protection.

Step 3 - Attach the Supports onto the Wall

Use a level to make sure the surface is completely flat before you start applying the supports otherwise they will negatively affect the alignment and structural strength of the whole corner shelf frame. When you're sure the supports are flat against the wall, attach them to the wall using wood screws. They should be at an equal distance from the corner of the wall you plan on fixing the shelf against on the floor.

Step 4 - Attach the Frame

Now, attach the frame to the wall around the wood supports using wood screws. The supports should be in alignment with the sides of the sides of the corner shelf if you took good, accurate measurements. You can attach the sides of the corner shelf and the supports together too using wood glue.

Step 5 - Attach the Curved Shelves

When the frame is set into the corner of the bathroom, fix the curved shelves on top of the wood supports and attach them tightly using wood screws again. Once you have done this, your bathroom corner shelf is complete!

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