How to Build a Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar Part 1 How to Build a Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar Part 1

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Jig Saw
Wood-pipe for towel bar
Safety Goggles
Drill with bits
Wood screws

Building a bathroom shelf with a towel bar not only helps you effectively use the extra space that you might be wasting in a bathroom, but it also adds a decorative touch to a boring bathroom with a modern, innovative look. Although the job of building a bathroom shelf with a towel bar can sound complicated, it is pretty easy and even fun. This part one of the 2-part step-by-step guide will teach you how to perform the job easily with minimal difficulty. The tools and materials required for the job are also given below.

Step 1 - Determine the Thickness of Wood You Want to Use

First, determine the thickness of the wood you will be using for the bathroom shelf. As you won't be placing a lot of heavy items on this shelf, wood that is not too thick and is around 1-inch thick would be more than sufficient for this job.

Step 2 - Measurement

Next, measure the area on the bathroom wall where you wish to place the shelf. Take appropriate and accurate measurements of the length that you want the shelf to cover and the depth to which you want the towel bar to hang from it. Now, decide the thickness or circumference of the towel bar and note it down for future use.

Step 3 - Build Frame and Cut Wood

It is really easy to build the frame out of wood. Following the measurements you took in step 2, cut appropriate pieces of wood using a jig saw for the length and the depth of the bathroom shelf. After that is done, attach the length piece of wood to the depth pieces using wood screws.

For the towel stand to fall into place, drill holes at the insides and towards the bottom of the depth pieces of wood. Drill a hole on one side, but don't drill all the way through the wood on the other; just create a groove for the end of the towel bar to fit. Drill multiple holes in the side without the hole to make a circular groove big enough for the towel bar to fit. Keep the circumference measurement in mind here.

Step 4 - Paint

After you are done making the shelf and the grooves for the towel bar to fit, paint the whole wood structure using paint brushes with a paint color of your choice. Dark colors usually go well with woods. Use small brushes to go around edges. You might have to apply more than one coat of paint for a good finish.

When the paint dries, apply multiple coats of varnish on the wood for a really glossy finish.

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