How to Build a Bee Trap

What You'll Need
soda, juice, or sugar water
2 liter bottle

Even one individual bee can be a serious problem for an outdoor event, and a swarm of them in the wrong place can be a disaster. If you have problems with bees, you may want to consider using a bee trap to solve them. You can make a great bee trap using only common items. You probably have most of them around the house already. What follows should help you assemble a bee trap.

Step 1 - Preparation

Prepare the 2 liter bottle by cutting off the top. Use the knife to make a small cut where the bottle starts to curve, then use the scissors to finish cutting the top off. When you are finished, you should have a relatively intact bottom half, and a relatively intact top half as well. This is important, as you will need both halves later.

Step 2 - Assembly

Now that you have all of the parts for your bee trap, you can begin putting them together. First, set up the bottom half of the 2 liter bottle upright on a flat surface. Next, take the top half of the 2 liter bottle and turn it upside down. Place the top of the 2 liter bottle inside the bottom half, with the opening of the top half pointing down. When you are done, the top half of the 2 liter bottle should barely stick out over the bottom half, if at all, and you should have a nice easy funnel to pour your bait of choice down. Take a moment to push the top half of the 2 liter bottle down firmly — you want it to seal off tightly so no bees can escape once they enter.

Next, pour the liquid you have chosen as bait down into the trap. Use whichever sweet liquid you have most readily available. Adding the liquid this way makes it easier to detect for the bees, as small amounts of it will remain on the outside of the trap. Pour in a decent amount, but not so much that it overflows into the upper section — you want enough space for bees to enter easily without immediately falling into the liquid.

Once you are finished pouring, your trap is complete, and all you need to do is set it up.

Step 3 - Setup

Setting your trap up in the right place is an important part of trapping bees. You want somewhere out in the open, but not somewhere that it will be knocked over, blow down, or be interfered with by another animal.

Check the trap every 2 weeks, as you will need to empty it out regularly. Remove the top half, dump out dead bees, and and replace the sweet liquid bait inside before closing and placing your trap again. With any luck, it will prevent you from being bothered by bees.