How to Build a Bench Storage Seat How to Build a Bench Storage Seat

What You'll Need
Wood screws
Circular saw
Wood finish
Countersink bit
Electric drill
Safety glasses

A bench storage seat can be a great way to have a functional piece of furniture. Not only can you sit on it but it also can hold items that you want to keep out of the way. You can easily construct one using scrap wood or pick up some material at a nearby lumber yard. If you have never made one before or are new to woodworking, then this may be a bit of a challenge. But it is very satisfying to see this bench and know that you made it.

Step 1 – Gathering your Material

You want to collect all the tools and materials you will need and have them handy in one spot. You do not need very thick lumber as 1-inch planks are appropriate. It is important that this lumber has been milled. If not then you will need to do this yourself as the first step. Clear out a good workspace and set everything where you can easily find it. This way you do not have to spend time looking for the tool you need.

Step 2 – The Design

You will need to determine the design of your bench. Much of this comes down to the size. If you want your bench to fill a specific space then the dimensions will need to be correct. However if you just want the bench to be used anywhere, you may not be locked into a specific size. You will need to have measurements for the length, width, and depth of the bench.

Step 3 – Constructing the Top

The first section to be built is the top. This is much like a table where you will have four planks turned on their side and screwed together where they meet, forming the corners. These pieces make the frame of the table. Once the frame is done you can place planking over the frame. It is important that each piece of planking is the same size. Once the piece is correct you should screw it into place using wood screws. If you have difficulty, drill a small pilot hole first, which helps guide the screw into place.

Step 5 – The Legs

It’s time to make legs for your bench. It is quite important that your legs are all the same length otherwise your bench will rock. You want to attach a 1x4 piece of wood at each corner. The best place is alongside the long side of the bench, flush up against the frame. Again screw everything on with wood screws.

Step 6 – The Storage Space

The storage space needs its own frame. This is just like making the top frame but it will be smaller so that it can fit inside the legs. To get the most out of your storage space, place the frame just a few inches off of the ground. You want to secure everything with woodscrews. Once this frame is done, you can make the platform that sits on the storage frame.

Step 7 – Finishing

Once you have the bench done, you will want to sand it down so it looks good. You will the need to stain it with varnish or polyurethane. Depending on what you use you may need to apply several coats.

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