How to Build a Birdbath Out of a Satellite Dish

What You'll Need
Wire Cutters
Pliers or Wrenches
Garden Hose (for Water)
Paint Brush or Roller

If you have an old satellite dish that has been installed some years ago in your back yard, instead of junking the eyesore, turn it into a birdbath. This is not a terrible difficult task to do since the satellite dish is already mounted in the yard. All this project requires you to do is to reposition the dish so that the bowl is facing horizontally (as oppose to skyward) and cleaning it out of any sharp electronic components before filling it with water for the birds to enjoy.

In order to create a birdbath out of an old satellite dish that you have, here are some of the tools, materials and steps that you can follow to make this happen.

Step 1: Reposition the Satellite Dish

The older satellite dish in many cases is cemented into the ground in your back yard. The face of the dish, which is wide, is positioned upward. You will need to reposition the dish in order for it to face in a horizontal position. This will make it suitable as a birdbath and allow the repositioned satellite dish to hold water. To reposition the satellite dish, take a wrench or pliers and adjust the large nut that is holding the dish in place. If you are still able to send electronic signals to the satellite dish from insider your home, that would be easier. It may also be more time consuming and easier to manually adjust the dish head instead.

Make sure the the head of the satellite dish now sits at a flat plane once the adjustment has been made.

Step 2: Cut the Wiring

Take a wire cutter and cut away all the wiring and cabling that connects your satellite dish to the inside receiver. The wiring is old so it may be best to wear gloves when handling the old wires and cable connectors. After you remove the wiring and cabling from the satellite dish, remove any bolts or screws that protrude outward from the satellite dish. Do the same for any connections that are inside the dish and use cement to cover up any holes that may cause the dish to leak water when you get ready to fill it for the bird bath. 

Step 3: Paint the Satellite Dish

Because the satellite dish has been in the yard for some time, it is probably in the need of some sprucing up. Paint the satellite dish with a weatherizing exterior primer and paint. This will give the satellite dish a fresh new look and make it look more like something birds will come to as oppose to a piece of junk that is installed in your back yard. 

Step 4: Fill with Water

After allowing the paint to dry, take a garden hose and fill the satellite dish with water. Check for any leaks that may need to be filled or patched. Your old satellite dish has now been transformed into a birdbath.