How to Build a Brass Bed

For a long time, a brass bed has been used by the upper class as a symbol of prestige. Brass beds have a sophisticated and elegant design. Brass is more expensive when compared to steel and iron.

When building a brass bed, you have to consider the size and design specification of the frames. The method that you choose for building a brass bed will depend on the materials and resources that you have. You will find kits that only require you to assemble the parts or you can build the bed from scratch by cutting the required pieces and welding them together. Building a brass bed is straightforward and here are the instructions to build one:

Materials and Tools:

2 cross rails

Cross wires

Cross arms

Headboard brackets

Mounting bolts

Casters for screws

Casters for glides or wheels

Wheel brackets

Tape measure

End caps

Step 1- Lay the Rails on the Floor

Take the two brass rails and lay them on the floor. You must lay them on the area where your bed will be situated.

Step 2 - Attach Brackets to Rails

Check to see if the brass frame has brackets for the headboard. Connect the brackets to the upper part of the brass rail using screws or bolts.

Step 3 - Lock the Cross Arms

Take the cross arms and lock them together. You can also connect the cross rails by means of screws and bolts. You need a minimum of three cross rails. One cross rail at both ends of the bed frame and the third cross rail in the middle of the frame. This third rail helps to stabilize the bed frame. For beds with cross wires, you should pull the cross wire diagonally over the bed frame between the rails. Fix each cross wire into the slots appropriately. To test the firmness and stability of the bed, pull the intersections of the cross rails with bed rails. Any bending or wriggling is a sign of weakness.

Step 4 - Take Measurements for Mattress

Take a tape measure and measure the bed frame length and width. The area should accommodate the mattress within the rails. When a mattress will not fit in the bed frame, you should make some corrections.

Step 5 - Fix the wheels, glides or casters

Put the wheels, glides or casters into their positions inside the brackets. The method of fixing will depend on the kind of bed that you are building. The bottom-line is to make sure that the wheels, glides or casters are firmly locked inside the brackets.

Step 6 - Fix the Brackets

Fix the brackets to the bed rails at the four ends by means of screws and bolts. Test the brackets by exerting some force or pressure on the points of contact. They should be strong enough to support the mattress.

Step 7 - Fit the Headboard

Take the headboard and fit it inside the headboard brackets.

Step 8 - Put End Caps

Cover the bed rail ends with end caps. The end caps help to protect the sheets and will prevent any snagging.

Step 9 - Put the Mattress On

Finally, take the mattress and put it on the bed frame.