How to Build a Brick Walkway How to Build a Brick Walkway

What You'll Need
Sand Base
Road Base
Marking Paint or Marking Tape

A brick walkway helps in adding an elegant touch to your home. There are a number of different designs and colors available to complement all home color schemes. The installation of a brick walkway sounds like a difficult job. However, it is not difficult and the task can be performed by inexperienced people as well. There are a number of ways in order to build the brick walkway and one of the most common methods is discussed below.

Step 1: Designing the Walkway on Paper

Design your walkway on a piece of paper. Draw a quick sketch on it to help you decide how you want the walkway to be. Accordingly, evaluate the number of bricks required for building the walkway. You can choose to create your pathway from a number of different designs and patterns that are available on the Internet.

Step 2: Decide on the Types of Bricks

There are different kinds of bricks. Some of them are fabricated bricks which are superior to the normal bricks. They also come in different sizes. However, the standard ones are of 4 ¾ inches by 6 ½ inches.

Step 3: Organization of Tools and Materials

Make sure that you get the bricks, gravel and sand and road base ready right before beginning the process. This will help in concentrating on the building of your walkway. With the help of a marking paint or tape, you can mark out the path on the ground.

Step 4: Digging out

The fourth step would be a really important step. You need to start digging out the area in order to remove any grass, roots or any other unwanted material and to remove the soil as well. There proves to be a number of differences to the depth depending on the drainage and soil. If the drainage is better, then the digging of the soil will be more shallow and easier.

Step 5: Laying the Bricks

The next step would be to lay the bricks right on the top. You can also do this by pouring a layer of gravel and then a layer of sand in order to support your bricks.

Step 6: Edging the Pathway

Once the digging is completed, you can then start edging both sides of the path in order to keep the boundaries defined.

Step 7: Puring Sand

As mentioned before, in order to lay the bricks, you can pour a layer of gravel between 1 inch and 3 inches deep. This will help in giving the bricks a strong foundation and the depth of this foundation will depend on the kind of soil you are utilizing. Then you would require adding another layer of sand at 1 to 3 inches deep, 1 inch of depth of gravel and 1 inch depth for the layer of sand at a minimum. The specific areas with the drainage problems would require digging of about 4 to 8 inches deep and making the layers 2 to 4 inches deep. Thus, the deeper you will dig, the more stable and even the area will become.

Step 8: Cementing the Surface

While laying the bricks, you can also do some cementing between the bricks. Use about one part cement mix to four parts of sand. Keep repeating this until you have a firm fill or you can simply brush the sand into all the holes present there in order to settle it, and also don’t forget to add another layer, settling it with water. Then, remove the excess sand off from the top of the bricks. This will help the cement mixture to achieve a more permanent fill.

Lastly, building this walkway is really not that difficult. All you need to do is to follow these steps, but keep in mind that this might take some time for the bricks to be settled in a neat manner.

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