How to Build a Canopy Bed Frame: Foundation and Posts

A canopy bed frame is easy to create and can be relatively economical to build as well. A canopy bed is similar to the English four poster bed, but more practical and versatile whilst still adding a touch of elegance and romance to any bedroom.

Step 1 – Method

A canopy bed can be constructed in many different ways. These methods vary from attaching a hook to the centre of the ceiling over the bed and then fastening a large piece of draping material to the hook so that it falls to the floor creating a canopy; to constructing a frame to fit around the bed which is then attached to the ceiling with hooks and chains, and then fastening the canopy to the frame. Building a canopy bed frame will make the structure more secure and permanent.

Step 2 – Measurements

Measure the length and width of the bedroom as well as the height of the room from floor to ceiling. Nest measure the size of the bed and the amount of space between the bed and walls or other bedroom furniture. Add an additional 2 inches to the bed measurements for the size of canopy bed frame materials. These measurements will help to determine the type and amount of material that will be required to construct the canopy bed frame. Map all these measurements and other bedroom furniture on a piece of squared paper as this will form a design plan which can be referred back to during the building stages.

Step 3 - Materials

A canopy bed frame can be built from many different materials depending on budget and space. The most common frame material is PVC piping as this is economical and easier to build a frame with. Another material that can be used is wood, which would make it more like the traditional English four poster bed. A wooden canopy bed frame is likely to be longer lasting than PVC piping, but more expensive and depending on the size of the wood it could take up more space. Incorporate the diameter of the wood into the measurements for the canopy bed frame.

Step 4 – Foundation

The foundations for a canopy bed are on the ceiling in the form of hooks and chains. The hooks need to be in the centre of the ceiling above the bed and should be firmly in place before attaching the chains to them. The foundation will help to support the canopy bed frame and keep it in place.

Step 5 – Construction

Cut the materials to the correct measurements that are detailed in the design plan. If PVC piping is being used then use elbow joints on the corners and secure them into place with hot adhesive glue. Some carpentry skills are required to construct the wooden frame. Use wooden dowels and hot adhesive glue for the corners, to do this put some glue into the post hole the push the dowel into place; repeat this process until the frame has been built.