How to Build a Canopy Bed Frame: Skirt Boards and Headboard How to Build a Canopy Bed Frame: Skirt Boards and Headboard

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Wooden dowel
Drill and Screws

You’ve almost finished your canopy bed frame which will take a position as the focal point of your master suite. You have a custom piece of furniture detailed exactly to your liking. No more compromising, you have created exactly what you wanted.  Following the steps below will put you even closer to the finish line. Once complete, your canopy bed will be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Step 1 - Choose a Design

You already have an idea of the detailing you want for the bed. Here is the chance to bring it to life. The design can be anything you want, but its best to keep the widest point within a certain parameter. If you are more of a modernist, consider geometric patterns such as the Greek key or simple squares. For the more traditional home décor scrolls of flower petals will work beautifully. You can really go for a bold look here because they are are only details. They aren’t going to overpower the bed; they will simply give visitors a glimpse into your personality.

Step 2 - Make the Upper and Lower Skirt Boards

Once you have the design on a template, cut the 4 skirt boards. Using 13/18 lumber cut the design into the skirt boards. The size of your bed will determine the length of the boards. For an average queen size bed, boards for the front and back should measure roughly 50 3/4 inches. Boards for the side should measure 75 1/2 inches. 

Step 3 - Sand the Skirt Boards and Put Them in Place

Sand the edges of the skirt boards and prepare the upper skirt boards for jointing. Apply wood glue to the upper skirt board that will run parallel to the head board. Place it between the posts. In order to place the bottom skirt boards you may have to remove one of the posts. If that is the case, replace the post once the skirt board has been installed. Drive screws from the skirt boards into the posts to reinforce the attachment.    

Step 4 - Cut the Wood for the Headboard

The piece of lumber for the headboard needs to be cut to 35 inches in height. Somewhere between 18 and 22 inches of the headboard will be covered by the mattress. You can determine later if you want to finish the entire headboard. The headboard is going to rest on the foundation of the bed. 

Step 5 - Form the Headboard

From the remaining lumber, cut 12 pieces roughly 5 inches wide. Glue the boards together with a liberal amount of glue. Attach them to the headboard and clamp down. 

Your canopy bed is on its way to completion. With just a little more work your bed will have the finishing touches needed to make it truly unique. By adding your choice of bedding and style of canopy curtains, your bed will highlight your taste and accentuate your bedroom's decor. 



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