How to Build a Canopy for a Dog Pen

What You'll Need
Two 3" PVC pipes, 10 feet long
Galvanized Wires (50 foot roll, 14 gauge steel)
Wire cutter

Having a dog at home means you will need to build a canopy so that he can stay outside. A canopy can provide your dog a cool place to rest, and it's not very difficult to build. With the right tools and this guide, you will be able to build a nice little canopy for your pet. Here's how you go about doing it.

Step 1: Getting Started

Ensure your safety by wearing work gloves and goggles. As this job involves drilling and using steel wires, it's advisable to use proper safety gear.

Step 2: Drill the PVC Pipes

You need to drill two holes on both ends of the PVC pipe. There should be 1 inch distance between both holes. You'll thread wires through these holes.

Step 3: Placing the Pipes

After drilling the holes, the PVC pipes have to be placed on top of the dog pen. The pipes have to be evenly spaced. One pipe has to be placed in the middle, across the dog pen.

Step 4: Cut the Wires

Cut 12-inch long wires. You will need several pieces. You will be using these wires to attach the PVC pipes to the tarp.

Step 5: Fixing the Wires

The wire has to be sent through the holes that are drilled on the PVC pipes. Twist the wire around the top surface of the dog pen. Make sure they are fastened securely. Use as many pieces of wire as required. Properly fastening the wires to the dog pen will prevent it from falling off later.

Step 6: Place the Tarp

Place the tarp over the pipes and the dog pen. The tarp should be long. A long tarp will hang over the dog pen, giving it a canopy like look. Fasten the tarp with the help of the wires. Thread the wires through the tarp and twist it around the pen. Cut small holes in the tarp with a knife. You will need to make several holes.

Step 7: Placing the Holes

Place the holes in places where your dog will not get wet when it rains. These holes will prevent water from accumulating on the tarp during rain, and provide a way to drain the water. Without them, the water will accumulate to a level where the canopy could collapse into the dog pen.

Step 8: Check Its Sturdiness

Once you have finished making the holes in the tarp, check the sturdiness of the canopy. The canopy must be sturdy and not wobbly.

Step 9: Give Your Dog His Canopy

Now that everything is ready, you can bring your dog to the canopy and let him see where he is going to stay outdoors.