How to Build a Carry-All Beach Wagon

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Spade handle

If you want to spend the day at the seaside, then you could do with a beach wagon to help you transport all your goods. A beach wagon is a great way of saving you from struggling along the sands with everything wrapped in your arms. Most commercial beach wagons are very expensive, and you may decide that you want to make your own from scratch. A wooden wagon is not very difficult to make, and by following some simple instructions, and using a few basic tools, you should be able to make this from scratch in only a day. 

Step 1 - Make Plans

Begin by working out a design of the beach wagon. You will need to make it large enough to support all of your items, but not so big that it is difficult to fit in an average car. Use your tape measure to work out how large you want the wagon to be, or model it on a plastic version, and take the measurements from that. Lay out some wood, and mark enough planks to form a base and sides for your wagon. You will need at least 3, 2 by 4s for the base, and 2 for the sides.

Step 2 - Cut the Wood

Measure the 2 by 4s that you have carefully, and mark out the length that you require for your wagon. You should then use the saw to cut these planks down to size. The sides should be made up of 2 planks, cut so that the longer portion makes the lone sides, and the smaller pieces the front and back of your wagon. Drill four holes in the short sides of your wood, so that you can screw the long pieces to them. You should then make a series of holes along the wood which will be used for the base. Around every one inch you should make a hole for the screw.

Step 3 - Add the Wheels and Handle

Take a set of hobby wheels, and add them to the base of your wagon. Toy pram wheels will be perfect, but you can also choose toy car wheels. You need these wheels to have a large enough tread that they can support themselves on sand without getting stuck. Screw the axles into the base of the wagon so that you have 2 wheels at the front, and 2 at the back. In order to have a handle for your wagon, take the blade off a large shovel, and attach the remainder to the front of the base, securing with screws.

Step 4 -  Add the Sides

You can now position the sides. Screw the sides together using the holes previously made, and then turn your beach wagon on its side. You can line up the holes along the edge of your base with the wood for the sides, and secure these using more screws. You should then be ready to give your beach wagon a test run.