How to Build a Cat Tree

Having a cat tree in your house can be great fun for you and your cat. A cat tree will stop your cat from clawing at your furniture and drapery. Buying a cat tree from a pet store can be very expensive. Here are some easy instructions for building your own.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Drill
  • Paint roller
  • Wooden pole, 8 to 12 inches
  • Drill bits
  • Compass
  • Nail gun
  • Jigsaw
  • Utility knife
  • 2 by 4 inch lumber
  • Staple gun
  • Carpet
  • Wood glue
  • 3 by 4 inch plywood
  • Tape measure

Step 1 - Connecting the Plywood Pieces

Glue 2 pieces of 3 by 4 inch plywood together and then screw them together. If you wish to make a larger cat tree apply the glue with a paint roller.

Step 2 - Attaching the Lip to the Base

Cut 4 strips of lumber to attach the sides of the plywood base to act as a lip to secure the carpet. Use the wood glue to attach the lips to the base of the cat tree. The strips should be 1/2 inch higher than the base.

Step 3 - Cutting Out the Cat Tree Box

Using the jigsaw and the lumber, create a cat tree box large enough to hold your cat. Cut out 6 square pieces. Now use the compass to draw circles on 5 of the square pieces large enough for your cat to fit through, approximately 6 or 7 inches around, leave one square panel solid. Then, drill a hole into each of the circles drawn and then use the jigsaw to cut out each circle.

Step 4 - Putting the Cat Tree Box Together

Glue all 6 pieces of wood together to form a box and then screw them together using the wood screws. A nail gun can also be used instead of the wooden screws.

Step 5 - Jigsaw a Hole in the Base

Using the tape measure, take a measurement of the circumference of the pole which will be attached to the base. Draw a circle on the base using the compass. Again, drill a hole in the center of the circle and use the jigsaw to cut a hole in the base.

Step 6 - Carpeting the Cat Tree

Measure the base of the cat tree and cut a piece of carpet large enough to fit. Cut the carpet with the utility knife. Glue the carpet onto the base. Once the carpet has dried, use the utility knife to cut out the carpet covering the hole.

Measure a board of your cat tree box with the tape measure and use those measurements to cut 6 pieces of carpet, one for each of the 6 sides of the cat tree box. Place 1 piece of carpet on each piece of wood and cut out the hole with the utility knife. Repeat this for each piece and then glue a piece of carpet to each side of the box.

Step 7 - Finishing the Cat Tree Box

Take the wooden pole and place a small amount of glue around the bottom and press it into the base hole. It should be tight fitting. Now place a small amount of glue around the top of the wooden pole and push it into the cat tree box. Once the glue has dried the cat tree box is complete.