How to Build a Cedar Potting Bench How to Build a Cedar Potting Bench

What You'll Need
Cedar planks
2 drawers with hardware
Wood screws
Electric screwdriver
Measuring tape
Cedar stain
Circular saw

A cedar potting bench is not only essential to your gardening endeavors, but is also beautiful and sturdy. Owning a potting bench made from cedar means it will last a long time, as cedar stands up naturally to bad weather and insects. Buying a cedar potting bench can cost you several hundred dollars, but you can also build one yourself. This article will show you how.

Step 1 - Measuring and Cutting the Wood

Cutting cedar can be a difficult job. If you are new to cutting wood having the lumber yard cut it for you may be a good idea. They will cut it to your specifications and usually for no charge. If you are going to cut the wood yourself make sure the wood is wet when you cut it and that you measure twice before cutting. Determine how large you want the cedar potting bench to be. Pay special attention to the width and length of the top and that of the cedar planks. This will determine how many you need. You will also need at least two braces under the top of the bench. Have two to four planks cut to the length needed to meet the height requirement of the bench for the legs. You will also need two braces that span the length of the table between the front and back and two for the width.

Step 2 - Create the Top

Place the boards used for the top of the cedar potting bench on a flat surface. Line them up perfectly and place the braces across them. Space them evenly along the planks, starting several inches from each end. Once they are centered attach them to the top planks using wood screws. Place one to two wood screws in each brace.

Step 3 - Attach the Legs and Braces

With the braces attached to the top you can now attach the legs. Place one leg flush against the brace near the front or back of it. Insert two screws through the leg and into the brace. Repeat with the remaining three legs. With just four legs the potting bench will not be stable, which makes braces very important. Place one of the long braces along the front or back of the bench. Screw them in place with two screws per leg. Repeat with the second long piece and the shorter sides.

Step 4 - Install the Drawers

Drawers on the bench are optional. Place the drawer rails on the top and screw in place. Slide the drawer in to test the fit, then remove them.

Step 5 - Finishing

Turn the cedar potting bench over to its legs and place a screw or two through the top of the bench and into the top of the legs. Sand down the drawers and then stain them with a stain that matches the cedar. Once the stain has dried you can then replace the drawers.

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