How to Build a Cedar Potting Table How to Build a Cedar Potting Table

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Cedar wood slabs
Hand saw
L brackets
Wooden screws

A cedar potting table has many uses, especially for someone who is extremely fond of gardening. A potting table is a multi-purpose furniture accessory where a gardener can add the soil into the pots, transfer seedlings, add fertilizers, etc. Moreover, such a potting table can also be used to exhibit and display a wide variety of plants both inside and outside your house. Follow the detailed instructions below in order to build a cedar potting table.

Step 1 – Take Necessary Precautions

When performing such an activity at home, keep in mind a number of safety and precautionary instructions. Firstly, when making use of tools such as the drill and hand saw, ensure that you have on hand a pair of rubber gloves and eye goggles as this will ensure protection to your skin and eyes. Also make sure you work in an open, well-lit and ventilated area. Make sure you use only cedar wood for this type of table given how it is dry and durable.

Step 2 – Plan the Table

Sketch out a plan of the table which you intend to make. The size of the table shall depend on how big a table you require, and the amount of plants you tend to on a daily basis. Moreover, ascertain the amount of space that you have for the table in your garden or where it will be placed.

Another factor to consider is that you might want the potting table to be portable and such that it can easily be moved from one place to the other. For this purpose, you can place wheels underneath the table.

Step 3 – Prepare Cedar Slabs

Cut out the cedar planks as required. Since you will need a great number of different sized slabs, start by cutting out the cedar with the help of a hand saw. A measuring tape will help you measure the exact dimensions wppd.

Once you have made the cuts, drill holes into the cedar according to your sketch. This is where you will add the wooden screws and adhere the planks.

Step 4 – Join Cedar Planks Together

The next step is to join the cedar planks together using L-brackets, wooden screws and glue. Use the L-brackets to attach the top and bottom portion of the table together, and aplpy glue and wooden screws to join the wooded planks with each other. Again, for this step, you must follow the plan you made in Step 1.

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