How to Build a Cedar Swing Set

What You'll Need
Ridge pole, 8-feet by 4-inch by 4-inch square
4 Squared leg poles (one end), 6-feet by 4-inch diameter
2 Support braces, 4-feet by 4-inch diameter
6 Swing hangers for wood beams
3/8-inch bolts
Fender washers
Acorn nuts
Wood screws, 6-inch long and 1/4 -inch diameter
Table saw
Miter fence
Tenon jigs
Electric drill
3/8-inch drill bit
3/8-inch bolts
2 A-frame brackets
Carpenters glue
Plywood, 7-feet by 6-feet by 1-inch thick
4 Barrier boards, 1-inch by 6-inch by 7-feet

A cedar swing set is not only beautiful to look at, but also very durable. What sets a cedar swing set apart from metal is that it will not rust. There are other woods you can use to build a swing set, but a cedar swing set is impervious to insects and holds up well to the elements. Purchasing a cedar swing set from a store will cost a lot of money. Being able to provide a cedar swing set on your property promotes outdoor activities, exercise and hours of fun for you and your children. This is not a job to take lightly, but it is possible to build a cedar swing set yourself, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Legs

On each of the legs, plane one side so that it is square. Install the A-frame brackets to the legs using the screws that came with the brackets. The ridge pole can then be installed as the top brace of the cedar swing set.

Step 2 – Swing Hangers

In order to have a proper swing set, you need to have swings. The metal swing hangers are to be installed to the underside of the ridge pole. Space them out so that all six of them fit on the pole evenly spaced apart. A good spacing is one foot apart. Use the bolts that are five inches long along with the acorn nuts and fender washers.

Step 3 – Braces

The cedar swing set on its own will not be sturdy enough for use, so you will need to create braces. Between the legs, place a tenon with matching mortises. Put carpenter’s glue in each mortise and install the braces. Use the wood screws to attach the logs supporting the swing set to the A-frame. The screws have to go through the tenons and the poles.

Step 4 – Base and Barrier

Place two sheets of plywood together using carriage bolts and four pieces of 2-inch by 4-inch cedar lumber. Make sure you use washers and nuts. Remove two inches from the barrier boards and place them on their edge against the plywood. Attach them to the plywood using wood screws. Continue like this until you have a perimeter around the plywood. You can fill this area with padding or wood chips for safety. You can toe nail the legs of the swing set to the base for added stability.

Step 5 – Swings

You will need to get swings and chain. Cut the length of the chain to the size you need and attach one end to the swing hangers. The other end gets installed to the seats. You will have enough room for three swings.