How to Build a Ceramic Shower Floor

tile shower floor
What You'll Need
Shower pan and liner
Mortar bed
Thinset mortar
Ceramic tile
Sanded grout
Rubber float
Tile cutter
Metal lath

Having a ceramic shower floor is perfect, especially if the walls in the shower are laid with ceramic tiles. A ceramic shower floor provides an attractive alternative to most other types of floors. It can match any type of wall material or shower décor, as well as provide durability. The advantage of installing ceramic tiles in the bathroom is that it does not require you to be a professional in order to install them. Read on for instructions on how to build a ceramic shower floor.

Step 1 - Prepare the Mortar Bed

The first thing that needs to be set up is the mortar bed because it will serve as the foundation for the ceramic tiles. Install the shower pan and the liner. Once the pan and liner are set, mix pre-mixed mortar with water to come up with a consistent mortar paste. Cut enough metal laths to cover the entire surface of the shower floor and make sure to cut an opening for the drain. Carefully apply the mortar on the floor in order to create the foundation for the ceramic tiles. Let the mortar bed slope slightly towards the drain. Allow the mortar to dry for about 12 hours.

Step 2 - Prepping the Tiles

Determine the size and color of the tiles that will best suit the space and mood of the shower. Always consider buying smaller tiles so that they can easily conform to the slope in the mortar bed. Buy tiles with a matte finish, since glossy tiles may be very slippery when wet. Measure the entire area of the floor as well to determine the number of tiles needed for the project. Always buy extra tiles just in case.

Step 3 - Tiling the Floor

Prepare thinset mortar in a bucket. Mix a small amount of water first and mix with a trowel. Add more water until a good consistency is reached. Start tiling at the farthest corner of the shower floor. Apply thinset accordingly using a trowel. Afterwards, press the tiles one by one until every area of the floor has been tiled. For the tiles at the edges of the floor, make use of a tile cutter to cut them to the correct size. For the area around the drain, leave some space for tiling later. When all tiles are set, go back to the area around the drain and cut smaller tiles to fit around it. Leave the thinset to cure overnight before grouting.

Step 4 - Grout around the Tiles

Mix sand grout with water and grout around the areas of the tile to finish the project. Fill all spaces with grout and allow it to cure completely before using the shower.