How To Build a Ceramic Tiled Roof Patio

A ceramic roof tile patio extends your living space to the outdoors and creates a beautiful aesthetic that is fire-resistant to boot. Building one yourself is very doable if you understand the your roof structure and the basics of laying tile.

What Kind of Roof Do You Have?

Before getting started you need to know what kind of roof structure you have in the area you want to put the patio. You will also need to know the roofing material and what kind of support it has. A flat roof is the easiest to resurface and tile.

You’ll need to take the old shingles off the roof before you can do any tiling. If you have a peaked roof, you will have to build the patio into it. Building the patio structure is a big undertaking that may require the services or advice of a contractor.

Laying the Tile

The tiling of the patio roof is the same as any other kind of patio tiling. Before you lay the tiles you will have a wood area that is weatherproofed. You can add gravel to promote drainage. Using higher-quality roofing tiles will save you money in maintenance and repairs over the years. These special ceramic roofing tiles are specifically made for patio roofs.