How to Build a Chain-Link Dog Kennel

A chain link dog kennel is a great way of protecting your yard and giving your dog a place to run and play in outside. It's unfair to your pet and dangerous for your furniture and other items to plan on keeping him indoors at all times, and you'll not be able to set your dog free in your yard or on your property without first having some sort of a protective boundary for him. A chain link dog kennel is great if you don't already have a fence around your area or if you wish to keep certain parts of the property off limits from the dog. Read on for a quick guide on how to build an inexpensive and effective chain link dog kennel.

Step 1 -- Determine the Materials and Tools You'll Need

Building a chain link dog kennel requires the following tools and materials:

  • Metal posts (one for each corner and one every three feet or so in between corner posts)
  • Hammer or sledgehammer
  • Chain link fencing material
  • Wire cutters

Before you begin, however, and before you purchase these materials, it's important to consider how large the space should be. Read on to the next step for additional information.

Step 2 -- Plan Out Your Kennel

If your dog will become large, he'll need a larger space to run around in. This is dependent upon how much space you have in your yard, of course, but the size that you make the kennel should also take into account other factors, like whether or not you plan to have a dog house or other shelter within the confines of the kennel area. The more time that your pet will spend in the kennel, the larger it should be.

Step 3 -- Lay the Posts

Begin by laying the posts at the outside of the kennel area. While they do not need to be evenly square, this will produce a higher quality and better looking dog kennel for your yard. Use a measuring tape device in order to make sure that the posts are as even as possible, if you wish.

With the help of a second person who is holding the kennel posts in place vertically, pound the tops of them to make them stick in the ground. You can use a hammer or a sledgehammer for this. Be sure that you stick the base of the post about one foot into the ground, and be careful that you're not going to strike any water lines or electric cables before you begin.

Step 4 -- String the Fencing Material Around the Posts

Next, string the fencing material around the posts. The posts should have small notches on them where the fence itself can be attached. Make sure that the fencing material will fully enclose the space, then use wire cutters to cut it off at the end. Attach all of the fence posts to the fencing material around the outside. You can leave the end portion partially attached so that it can be opened as a gate to the kennel area.