How to Build a Coat Rack

What You'll Need
Piece of wood, 25 inches by 1 inch by 4 inches
4 screws, 2 inches long
Wall plugs
Coat hooks
Tape measure

Every home needs a coat rack near the front door. It’s somewhere to handily store coats and jackets without having to go into the closet each time you need one. A coat rack is also ideal for storing wet coats when you come home after being caught in the rain and snow. The good news is that a coat rack is very easy to make. All you need are tools that you’ll already have in your toolbox.

Step 1 - Where to Locate

The first thing to consider with a coat rack is where you’ll put it. If you have an entrance hall in your home, that’s usually the ideal place, especially if there’s a tile floor where wet coats can drip without damaging wood or carpet flooring. Failing this, select a place close to the front entrance (or the back door, if that’s the one you use most) where there’s room to put up a coat rack.

Step 2 - Measuring

Your coat rack needs to be 4 feet off the ground. This makes sure that the bottom of long coats won’t drape on the floor and also gives room for air to circulate and dry damp coats. The wall needs to be wide enough to accommodate the coat rack so there should be a total of 4 feet of space for that as well.

Step 3 - Attaching the Coat Hooks

You will need at least 4 coat hooks for your coat rack to be useful. Allow 1 hook for each family member. You can use whatever design of coat hook you wish as long as it’s strong enough to hold a heavy coat or jacket on it.

Start by sanding down the wood to give a smooth, even surface. Make sure you’ve removed all the sawdust from the wood. If you desire, paint the wood to match the color scheme in the room. Use two coats if necessary to give a good finish and allow to fully dry before you proceed. Take your tape measure and mark the wood at spaces of every 5 inches. This is where you’ll attach your hooks.

Put the hooks over the marks you’ve made and then screw firmly in place. Hand test them to make sure they’re tight and secure.

Step 4 - Attaching to the Wall

Drill 4 holes all the way through the wood. These will be for attaching the coat rack to the wall. Hold the rack up against the wall and place a level on top. When the coat rack is at the right height and level, use a nail to poke through each of the holes and mark the wall.

Now, drill holes into the wall on those marks. Where they don’t go into the studs, you’ll need to put wall plugs into the holes. With your screwdriver, insert screws into the holes and the wall plugs to secure you coat rack to the wall.