How to Build a Coat Tree with an Umbrella Stand How to Build a Coat Tree with an Umbrella Stand

What You'll Need
Umbrella stand
One bag of Quikrete or Plaster of Paris
Measuring tape
Finial post
Dowel rods
Stain or paint
Drill with bits
Wood glue
Small saw

If you have an umbrella stand you can make it into a standing coat tree. You will just need a few extra items that will not cost much, and a little time. You can even still use the umbrellas stand to put a few umbrellas in after it is finished if you'd like.

Step 1 - Getting It All Ready

You need to measure how tall you want to make your coat tree. This will depend on the size of your umbrella stand. You don't want to make it so tall it will turn over. Get your finial post, put it in the umbrellas stand and measure where you want it to stand. Mark this place and saw it off evenly. You can use a cut off saw or a hack saw. Sand that pole so no chips or snags are present. Measure the dowel rods the length you want to stick out for the coats. About 3 to 4 inches should be sufficient. Make sure to leave an extra 1/2 inch to hold it in the post. Cut them in even length and set aside. Now measure where you want the dowels to be placed on the post and mark with a pencil.

Step 2 - Drilling and Painting

Find the right size bit to drill a hole for the dowel fit in. Follow your marks to drill for the dowel rods. Make sure they will fit snugly in the hole and go in about 1/2 an inch. Now is the time to stain or paint the pole and dowels. If you want to do something different to the umbrella stand now is the time. You will need to let this all dry completely. Follow the instructions on the stain or paint you are using. Now using the wood glue, smear a good bit on the bottom of the dowels. As you push them in they will force the excess out where you can wipe it away easily. Let these sit for a few minutes.

Step 3 - Securing the Stand

Now using either the Quikrete or Plaster of Paris, mix up enough to cover half way up the umbrella stand. Mix according to instructions and pour into the stand. Make sure to wipe off any spills immediately with a wet rag. Once you have poured it in, stand the pole in the middle and hold in place until it stays by itself. You will need to let this stand until it has hardened according to the instructions. A nice touch would be to put some river rock or colored stones on top of the hardened plaster. You can even put some moss and silk vines around the base of the tree. It is ready to be used with pride.

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