How to Build a Combination Bunk Bed and Desk

What You'll Need
4 posts, 4x4x72 inches
2 beams, 2x4x75 inches
2 beams, 2x4x36 inches
Plywood sheet, 1/2 x75x39 inches
8 lag bolts, 8 inches long
Lag bolt nuts
4 planks, 1x12x50 inches
4 posts, 4x4x30 inches
2 beams, 2x4x39 inches
2 beams, 2x4x24 inches
1/2 -inch Plywood sheet, 39x27 inches
Power saw
Power drill
Drill bits
Screwdriver bits
Crescent wrench
Sandpaper or power sander
3-inch Wood screws

The ideal bed and workspace for an older child is a bunk bed with a companion desk. This arrangement will not only give your child his own bed and space where he can work privately, but it will free up space in his bedroom for other purposes. To build such a bed-desk arrangement, just follow the 5 steps below.

Step 1 – Prepare Needed Lumber

Before actually assembling the pieces of lumber for this project, you will need to drill holes in some lumber pieces through which you will fit the lag bolts that will hold these pieces together. Into each of the ends of your 75-inch posts, drill 2 holes, 2¾ inches from the post ends. The holes should be ¾-inch apart. Use a drill bit that is at least as large in diameter as the bolts you plan to use. Then, into one end of your 72-inch posts, drill 2 holes. These holes should be on center, 12 inches in from the end. Sand all lumber pieces, especially the ends which may be rough from having been cut.

Step 2 – Assemble the Bed

Position the two 75-inch beams and the two 36-inch beams so they form a rectangle with the posts parallel and the beams parallel, with the 36" beams on the inside. All these beams and posts should be lying on their narrow side. Placing lag bolts through the drilled holes, connect the ends of this rectangle. Insert the bolts through the long beams and into the shorter beam ends. Then, slide the plywood sheet into place on top the rectangle of posts and beams. Using wood screws at each corner of the plywood, attach the plywood. Once it is in place and secured with a screw at each corner, drive additional screws along the edges of the plywood and into the frame pieces.

Step 3 – Attach Posts

Position 2 posts 3 feet apart and parallel with each other. Post ends with the drilled holes should be at the same end and the bolt holes parallel with the floor. Uise a 50-inch plank to connect the posts and connect them with screws at each post. Then, turn this connected piece over and attach another 50-inch  plank opposite from the way the first plank was connected. Use this same procedure to connect the remaining posts. To complete the bed frame, run bolts through the holes drilled in the support posts and beams and tighten the bolt nuts.

Step 4 – Add the Desk

Between posts on the short end of the bed, fit the desk into this space.