How to Build a Concrete Fire Pit How to Build a Concrete Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Plastic tarps
Permanent marker
Sandbox sand
Piece of wood
Measuring tape

If you have ever dreamed about gatherings outside in the backyard around a roaring fire roasting marshmallows and hot dogs but can’t because you lack one thing, a concrete fire pit, then you're in luck. A concrete fire pit is essentially a hole in the ground comprised of concrete. You can cover the concrete fire pit with a metal grate and grill on it. Making your own concrete fire pit takes patience but it's not impossible and this article will show you how.

Step 1 – Sizing

Determine how large you want the concrete fire pit to be in diameter. Place the tarp on the ground in a level area. Draw a circle in the center of the tarp. Create the circle as large as you want the concrete fire pit to be. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle as long as it is relatively close. You could make a square if you prefer but a circle is easier to accomplish and you will see why soon.

Step 2 – Making the Mold

Sandbox sand is perfect because it is fine and clumps when moist. Pour a bag of the sand on top of the tarp. Wet the sand with some water until it is moist and then begin piling the sand up into a mound in the center of the circle. Open up another bag of sand and moisten it and apply it to the mound you already made. Use the wood to smooth the sand out and to sculpt it into the size you need it to be. Cover the mound with a plastic sheet. This will keep the sand moist.

Step 3 – Make the Concrete Fire Pit Receptacle

Follow the instructions on the back of the bag of the concrete in order to add the right amount of water. Place it in the wheelbarrow and use the rake to mix it until there are no dry areas. Use a little less water than what is called for as you want the concrete to not be as runny as it normally is. Remove the plastic from the mound and begin spreading the concrete over the sand mound. You want the concrete to be at least 3-inches thick. Use the piece of wood to even out the concrete to a smooth surface. Smooth out the top of the concrete to a flat surface using the level as a guide. Place several straws through the flattened concrete to the sand. Cover the concrete with a plastic sheet.

Step 4 – Dig the Pit

Use the tape measure to determine the height of the concrete and the width. Use the shovel to dig a hole to the depth and width of the mound. Tamp down the sand. When the concrete has dried in two days, lift it off the sand and carefully place it in the hole. Remove extra dirt as needed to properly seat the new concrete fire pit.

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