How to Build a Copper Water Fountain

Building a copper water fountain proves to one of world’s most beautiful structures as copper is utilized in making beautiful pieces of architecture and art. Copper water fountains can be built anywhere. They help in lighting up the room and fill it with relaxation and tranquility.  In an office, installing a copper water fountain would prove to be very helpful. It would offer a feeling of ease to the clients who enter the office, when they hear the soothing sound of water running over the copper. Secondly, it would give a piece of mind and a sensual feeling at home.

Before building a copper water fountain, you need to keep few things in mind.

Step 1: Style and Planning 

You need to make sure about what style you need. There are various copper water fountains such as the floor models, outdoor styles, wall mounted fountains and many more. You can also build the fountain outside in your garden or have it wall hanging. It is totally your own wish. Once the style of your copper water fountain is decided, you can start planning then. Make a design of your copper water fountain, by using the copper pieces which you intend to use while making your copper water fountain.

Step 2: Shopping

You then need to make a list of all the supplies you require while building a copper water fountain. Go shopping to any of the salvage houses and yards. You will be able to find all the necessary things you require at such places.

Step 3: Gathering the Tools

Your tools which you just bought would mainly include a drill press, a saw, metal cutting blade screw drivers and an instrument to shape your pipe, a container for the reservoir, tubing, small stones, a shovel, as well as a water pump.

Step 4: Connecting the Tubing

You need to connect all the tubing and make sure that the water pump is set to a medium high setting. 

Step 5: Cleaning

Clean your copper first, with the help of lemons dipped in salt and rinse the copper. This is essential and necessary.

Step 6: Shaping the Copper

Next, shape up your copper into a zigzag or a spiral, it is totally up to you and make sure to wrap the pipe, so that there are no scratches on it.

Step 7: Last Steps

Gather all the elements of your fountain together. This can be a pile of rocks into a large bucket. You need to make sure that the fountains head pours the water back into the reservoir. Do not forget to have a special mounting for your copper water fountain; and do add a copper base and a top, keeping the weight of the water in mind.

Step 8: Decorating

Lastly, you can also decorate your water fountain with lighting and engraving and surround it with pebbles in a beautiful manner.

These copper water fountains have a beautiful coated finish, enhancing your home or work place. It will end up providing soothing sounds with a benefit of relaxation and stress relief. You can also find this water fountain in different kinds of materials such as slate, marble, stainless steel, fiber, glass and other kinds of art.