How to Build a Copper Water Fountain out of a Teapot

What You'll Need
Copper pipe
Fountain kit
Copper planter or pot
Water adhesive
Wooden anchor
Copper elbow fittings
Rocks and pebbles
Rubber gloves
Eye goggles

Copper water fountains have gained significant popularity, as they tend to add sophistication and aesthetic beauty in any setting, be it indoors or outdoors. Fountains created using a teapot can easily be found in home decorations stores, but creating your own will prove to be a whole lot cheaper. Moreover, you shall be able to make use of old materials present in your home which may be lying useless otherwise. The steps to create a copper water fountain from a teapot are explained in detail below.

Step 1 – Choose Location of Fountain

The first step is to decide where the copper water fountain is going to be located. It would be ideal to choose a spot where there already exists a wooden pole or stump and water tap close to it so that the teapot can be easily anchored on it. Place the copper container or planter close to this wooden pole.

Step 2 – Connect Fountain Kit and Copper Pipes inside Planter

Copper pipes