How to Build a Corner Kitchen Storage Shelf Part 1 How to Build a Corner Kitchen Storage Shelf Part 1

What You'll Need
Wood panels
Measuring tape
Framing square
Wood glue
Circular saw or jigsaw
Nail gun
Shelf brackets
Wood putty

A corner kitchen storage shelf is not only practical, but also decorative since the corner part has an appealing appearance and structure. However, this type of shelf may be a bit more demanding to design and build due to the greater importance that you must place on the angles and other relevant dimensions. This is actually an easy project if you follow some basic tips and guidelines and use the right tools.

Step 1 - Take the Necessary Measurements

Start off by taking the measurements that you will need to build your corner storage shelf. Make sure to add a few inches allowance.

Step 2 - Sketch a Diagram

Use the measurements to sketch a diagram, which will prove to be very useful while you are cutting and assembling all the parts together.

Step 3 - Purchase the Wood

Decide what type of wood you will be using, and visit a specialized store to buy the wood panels. If you are not a professional carpenter, you may wish to select wood that is easier to work with, like plywood.

Step 4 - Purchase or Collect the Other Materials

Make a list of all the tools and materials you will be using and purchase them or collect them. Most importantly, make sure that the wood glue is of a good quality and that the nails are of the right sizes and lengths.

Step 5 - Cut the Wood

You will start cutting the wood panels that will form the base and the back of the unit according to the dimensions you took. Where you need an angle due to the corner, make sure to exercise more precision. It will be helpful if you draw marks on the wood as this will greatly help you while cutting by guiding you along and ultimately ensuring more accuracy. It is best if you put on safety glasses to protect your eyes during this process. 

Step 6 - Sand the Wood and Apply Wood Putty

Use a sandpaper to smooth the wood panels, especially in the areas and edges where the trimming was done. Then, apply some wood putty  to cover any imperfections. Make sure you use wood putty that is the same color as the wood panels.

Step 7 - Form the Frame

To start assembling the basis of the corner storage shelf, you need to first form its frame. It is best if you attach the back of the unit primarily to the base. Use wood glue to fix one to the other. Press firmly, allow to dry well and secure with finish nails.

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