How to Build a Corner Kitchen Storage Shelf Part 2 How to Build a Corner Kitchen Storage Shelf Part 2

What You'll Need
Wood panels
Measuring tape
Sand paper
Wood putty
Shelf brackets
Door hinges

Once you have finished the basis of your corner kitchen storage shelf in Part 1 of this guide, you can then move to continuing the assembly of all the other parts so as to ultimately complete it.

Step 1 - Cut the Wood Panels For the Sides

First you need to cut the wood panels that will be used to form the sides of the unit. Refer to your the measurements previously noted in order to stick with your work plan.

Step 2 - Sanding

Sand the two side panels and apply wood putty where required. Remember to use wood putty that is as close to the wood color as possible.

Step 3 - Attach the Brackets

Once done, install any shelf brackets that will be used to support the shelves you will be fixing in the interior of the storage unit. It is easier to fix them before you mount the side panels to the frame of the unit. The number and spacing of the brackets will depend on the space you have available and the space you wish to leave between one shelf and another. This will be directly affected by the size and bulkiness of the items that you intend to place on the shelves.

Step 4 - Fix the Side Panels

Now you can fix the 2 side panels to the frame you assembled and installed in Part 1. Use wood glue, and then secure with finish nails. 

Step 5 - Cut the Shelves

Next, cut the wood panels that will be used as shelves in the interior of the unit. The number of shelves will depend on your preferences and the space available.

Step 6 - Sand the Shelves

You may wish to sand the shelves so as to give them a smoother finish and feel. In case of imperfections, apply some wood putty.

Step 7 - Fix the Shelves

Next, you can fix the shelves in the unit, starting with the bottom shelf and continuing upwards. Mount them on the respective brackets you installed in Part 1, and secure with some finish nails to the back part of the unit. This is especially important if the shelves are quite large or if they will be supporting heavy items.

Step 8 - Cut the Top Part and Sand It

Finally, you have to cut the wood panel that will be used as the top part of the corner kitchen storage shelf. Sand it smooth, and apply some wood putty if necessary.

Step 9 - Fix the Top Part

Fix the top part to the other assembled parts so as to finish off your storage shelving unit. Again, use wood glue, and secure with finishing nails to the back and to the side panels.

Step 10 - Fix Marble or Other Finishing

You may wish to give the top a more refined look by fixing marble or other materials that will contribute to a more stylish look, while being more apt to retain heat and other elements to which kitchen unit surfaces are often exposed.

Step 11 - Apply Wood Putty

Go through and inspect all the surfaces of your kitchen storage shelf. Apply wood putty to the places where nails were fixed so as to hide any resultant chippings and provide a nicer finish.

Step 12 - The Door

Some people may wish to leave the unit open, while others prefer to install a door. If you like, fix a door panel with hinges onto one of the interior sides of the unit, depending on the direction in which you wish the door to open. 

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