How to Build a Corner TV Cabinet Part 2 How to Build a Corner TV Cabinet Part 2

Once you have cut and sanded all the the necessary parts to create a corner TV cabinet, follow the steps below to assemble them together. In Part 2, you will also build more doors and drawers, add artistic designs and apply finishing touches.

Step 1. Assemble the Corner TV Cabinet

Assemble the cabinet on a wide working space. Using the scale model of the cabinet you made earlier using kraft paper, assemble the cabinet by applying wood glue to all the joints. Attach two of the 1”x6” lumber boards to the front sides of the cabinet and two 1x6-inch lumber boards to the back sides of the cabinet.

Step 2. Add Reinforcements


To ensure the strength of the cabinet, secure the joints using a nail gun and reinforce them with wood screws. When working with such tools, be sure to exercise caution. Nail guns are powerful tools that can easily drive nails through wood.

Step 3. Build Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Cabinet doors and drawers are optional. You can choose to build them or not at all. However, some people may find cabinet doors and drawers necessary. If so, you can make use of the remaining plywood and lumber boards to build cabinet doors and drawers. You can choose to build full overlay doors, partial overlay doors, inset doors or lipped doors. Before building the doors and drawers, measure the front part of the cabinet to determine the dimensions.

Step 4. Install Cabinet Doors and Drawers


Attach the cabinet door/s to the front of the cabinet by using hinges. Drawers can be easily installed without using any hinges. Add door knobs and drawer pulls as well.

Step 5. Add Artistic Design to the Cabinet


If you want a simple cabinet design, you can skip this part. Any remaining plywood or lumber can be used to give the cabinet a more artistic look. Cut the pieces of plywood into interesting patters and glue them the front edges of the cabinet.

Step 6. Apply Finishing Touches

Before deciding to apply timber stain or paint, make sure the cabinet is free from any rough edges. Carefully search the cabinet for any rough edges left and use a sander to smooth them out. Timber stain gives wooden furniture a more professional and antique look. Be careful when applying timber stain. To ensure that the cabinet is uniformly stained, cut it on to every surface and never stain twice. Staining the wooden surface twice makes it twice as dark. You can also apply any color of paint as you like. Allow the paint or the timber stain to dry.

Step 7. Install the Finished Corner TV Cabinet

You can now install the finished cabinet to any corner of your living room, dining room, or any other room in your home. DVD or Blu-Ray players, DVD collections, external speakers and other home entertainment devices can also be stored in the cabinet. For easier mobility, the cabinet may also be installed with wheels. The cabinet can be made in a way that it can be relocated in any corner of the house with ease.

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