How to Build a Corner TV Cabinet Part 3 How to Build a Corner TV Cabinet Part 3

What You'll Need
Corner TV cabinet
4 wheels or casters (post casters or screw-on casters)
Pieces of scrap wood with uniform thickness
Drill bit
Wood glue

Your newly built corner TV cabinet is ready to use. A set of wheels, however, will make it easy to move around. Follow the steps below to add wheels to your corner TV cabinet or to any heavy furniture you want to make mobile.

Step 1. Determine the Type of Wheels or Casters to Use

There are two different types of casters that you can use, depending on the design of the cabinet you have. If the cabinet has a flat bottom, a screw-on caster is perfect for the job. This type of caster can also be used for any other type of furniture with a flat bottom.

If your cabinet is supported by wooden legs, use a post caster. Tables and chairs can also be installed with this type of caster. However, screw-on casters can also be used for cabinets with wooden legs as long as there is enough surface area for the installation.

Step 2. Flip the Cabinet Over

Before the casters can be attached to the cabinet, the bottom part needs to face up. Remove all items from the cabinet and flip it upside-down. Smooth out the base of the cabinet using a sander.

Step 3. Glue Pieces of wood on the Corners of the Cabinet

Since the casters need to be screwed on or drilled to the 4 corners of the cabinet, cut pieces of scrap wood wide enough to hold the casters. If you are using post casters, the scraps of wood need to be thick enough to hold the receiving cylinders of the casters. Use  strong wood glue to attach the wooden scraps to the 4 corners of the cabinet, and allow it to dry.

Step 4. Drill Holes on the Corners

Use a drill bit to drill holes on the corners of the cabinet. The holes should be slightly smaller in diameter than the diameter of the receiving cylinders or the screws. For post casters, you need to drill holes that are wide enough to allow the receiving cylinders to be inserted, but tight enough to lock the cylinders in place. Screw-on casters require 4 holes on each corner for the 4 screws to fit in.

Step 5. Attach the Casters

For post casters, secure the receiving cylinders into the holes and insert the casters one by one until they lock. For screw-on casters, screw each caster tightly. When all casters are secured, flip the cabinet over and you are ready to roll. You can put the TV back on it and make use of every available space for other items as well.

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