How to Build a Cross Leg Table

cross leg table
What You'll Need
2x6-inch top slats, 60-inches long (5)
2x4-inch cleats, 27-inches long (2)
2x4-inch legs, 40-inches long (4)
2x4-inch braces, 30-inches long (2)
3.5x0.25-inch washers, nuts, and machine bolts (6)
1-pound of 4-inch-long deck screws
Bar clamp

A cross leg table, also known as an “X” leg table, is present in many houses due to its quality, durability and aesthetic features. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that cross leg tables are used in a variety of occasions, most commonly for picnics and other outdoor activities. A highly recommended material for cross leg tables is redwood, since it is both sturdy as well as fine-looking. Here are the basic steps to building your very own cross leg table.

Step 1 - Construct the Table Top

First, you will need to construct the table top. Cut out the 2x6-inch slats and place them on with the better sides facing down. Make sure you put them on a steady surface so you don't have any problems while working. Use 1.25-inch spacers to detach the slats from each other, and then secure them together with the bar clamp.

Step 2 - Secure the Cleats

Once the table top is ready, it’s time to move to the cleats. Cut your 2x4-inch cleats to 27-inches in length. Then measure 2-inches down from the top edge and cut diagonally at 45º to trim the end. When you have dealt with all the cleats in this way, place the first one 7-inches away from the end of the table top, maintaining a 0.75-inch margin from the edges of the table. Use the drill to make two holes into the cleat at the point in which it is directly above the slat. You can now secure the slats by using the 4-inch screws.

Step 3 - Assemble the Legs

It is now time to deal with the table’s legs. Start by cutting them to 39 inches in length, with parallel angles of roughly 38º both at the top and bottom. Use the C-clamps to clamp the legs loosely together at their middle. Fiddle with the clamp’s tension so that the legs form a cross, working by trial and error until the tops and bottoms are aligned with a 28.5-inch distance on each side.

Make a mark on the point where the legs cross each other. Then, take out the clamp and cut the half laps from both the legs. Once ready, put together the legs with the clamp again and attach the finished leg assemblies to the table top. Use two 3.5x0.25-inch machine bolts for connection.

Step 4 – Connect the Parts Together

The last step is to piece together all the individual parts. First, cut the braces so that they fit between the table top and the leg assembly, forming 45 degree angles. Use 4-inch screws to attach the braces to the table top from below. As for the legs, drill bolt holes through their middle “X” and through each of the 2x4-inch braces. Mount the bolts, and you may remove the clamp.