How to Build a Crown Canopy for Your Bed

What You'll Need
3 pieces of plywood: 1/2 inch thick
Tape measure
Marker and pencil
Fabric to cover canopy
Spray adhesive
Wood glue
Staple gun
Finishing nails
Drill and screws
2 curtain rods, one longer than the other
Drapery panels

A crown canopy is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. It adds luxuriousness and femininity to even the most well-decorated room. You don’t need a 4 poster bed or interior designer to achieve the grandeur of a crown canopy. With a couple yards of fabric, a few tools from your home improvement store and a little bit of know-how you can create a well-appointed crown canopy for your own bedroom. 

Crown canopies can be found pre-constructed in resin, custom painted wood, or fabric covered wood. This article will demonstrate how to build a crown canopy for your bed.

Step 1 - Construct the Canopy Frame

Depending on the size of your bed, you have to determine how big a canopy you want. For a queen size bed, a canopy with the measurements of 10 inches high by 36 inches wide by 8 inches deep works well. Purchase lumber cut accordingly. Remember to have the side pieces cut 1/2 longer to accommodate the overlap of the front piece. Glue the sides of the canopy to the front. Once the glue has dried, screw the pieces together for additional reinforcement. It may be easier to screw the lumber together if you drill pilot holes first. 

Step 2 - Cover the Frame

It is important to take good measurements to ensure that you cut your fabric properly.

  • Measure the canopy from the end of one side to the end of the other, add 4 inches. A soft tape measure will work best here.
  • Measure from the bottom of the canopy’s face over the opposite edge, add 4 inches.
  • Cut your fabric and batting according to the measurements.
  • Lightly spray small sections of the canopy with the spray adhesive and attach the batting. The amount of batting you add depends on your personal taste. More batting is going to create a fuller, puffier canopy.
  • Begin stapling the fabric from the middle of the canopy on the backside.
  • Pull the fabric taut and staple the other side.
  • Continue in this manner until the entire canopy is covered.
  • At the corners be sure to pull excess fabric to the inside of the fold.

Step 3 - Install the Frame

Mark the wall according to the measurements of your canopy. Hang the L-brackets and place the canopy. Screw the canopy to the brackets. 

Step 4 - Install Curtain Rods

Install the shorter curtain rod first and then the longer one. Most curtain rods come with all of the hardware you need to get them on the wall. Using 2 curtain rods allows for you to place sheers on the most interior rod and decorative panel closer to the canopy. This will create a very elegant and sophisticated crown canopy.

Step 5 - Hang Draperies

Make sure your curtains are pressed and hang them on the curtain rods.