How to Build a Curtain Rod Shelf

What You'll Need
Wood shelf
Metal brackets
Electric screwdriver
Tape measure
Step ladder

In the world of homemade shelving there are various kinds that you can build with one less likely to be seen being a curtain rod shelf. It sounds funny but it's a great shelf that is perfect for many individuals. Children or collectors that have run out of space find this shelf very useful. A curtain rod shelf, essentially, is a shelf that is built on top of a curtain rod. This means the curtain rod shelf is positioned over a window. This homemade shelving project is not hard to do, is not expensive and you could even allow a child to help you. The article that follows will show you just how easy it is to build a curtain rod shelf.

Step 1 - Take the Measurements

Use the tape measure and measure the length of the window where the curtain rod shelf will be placed. Measure the length of the frame and add 10 inches. Measure 6 inches out from each side of the window frame and mark the area.

Step 2 - Purchasing the Supplies

Since this homemade shelving project you're working on is meant to be seen and used; the materials you purchase should look nice. It can be the length of the first measurement you took or it can be smaller. Whichever you choose; have the wood cut to length. Purchase a wooden shelf that is nicely beveled and stained or painted. Or, if you like, purchase one that is natural wood so you can stain or paint it yourself. Pick up a curtain rod to the second length you measured. The other thing to concern yourself with is the metal brackets. You need metal brackets that are large enough for the curtain rod to slide through easily. Also pick up metal brackets for the curtain rod shelf that are ornate with scroll work or other designs. Before you purchase the metal brackets you should test fit them with the metal brackets to make sure they will slide through unobstructed.

Step 3 - Mounting the Curtain Rod Shelf

Climb the step ladder with your metal brackets. Line one up with the mark that you made over the window. Carefully attach the metal bracket using the screws. Repeat this process with the second metal bracket. Only put one screw in each bracket for now in order to make sure they are evenly spaced. Slide the curtain rod through the metal brackets. If the curtain rod slides without a problem then add the remaining screws to the metal brackets. Place the wooden shelf on top of the metal brackets. Take time to line it up so that it is evenly spaced and centered over the window frame. Hold the wood shelf as you attach it to the metal bracket with screws. Repeat with the other side of the shelf. Place the level in the center of the curtain rod shelf to make sure it is not uneven. Adjust the curtain rod shelf if you need to.