How to Build a Custom Laminate Countertop Part 3 How to Build a Custom Laminate Countertop Part 3

What You'll Need
Contact cement or laminate glue
Paint roller with thin knap or paint brush
Router with flush cut laminate cutting bit
Heavy rolling pin
Sanding Block
Wax paper
Dowel rods (about as long as the depth of your countertop)
An assistant

In Part 2 of this series on how to build a custom laminate countertop, you learned how to assemble the countertop base, cut the laminate countertop cover material and cut the laminate material to be applied to edge facing on the countertop base. In this part of the series, you will apply the laminate material to the top and sides of the countertop, trim excess laminate material and join pieces of laminate.

Step 1 - Apply Laminate Cover to Top of Countertop Base

Use a paint roller or a small paintbrush to apply contact cement to the surface of the countertop base. Then, also apply a thin coat of contact cement on the bottom of the piece of laminate material and that you will place on top of the countertop. Once you're finished applying the glue, place the dowel rods about every 12 inches along the top of the countertop base.

Then, carefully align the corner of the piece of laminate with the quarter of the countertop base. Starting at the corner, attempt to level the piece of laminate as flat as possible on top of the countertop base. You might find it's easier to do if you have someone to assist you. As you lay the laminate material flat on the base, remove the dowel rods one at a time.

Step 2 - Connect Pieces of Laminate on Top of Countertop Base

If you need to connect two pieces of laminate material on the top of the base, you will need to create a seam. After you have affixed the first piece of laminate, place a piece of wax paper along the edge of the first piece of laminate.

Then, place the dowel rods underneath the second piece to keep it from coming touching the contact cement. Next, push the second piece of laminate tightly against the first. It is a good idea to place tape over the seam to keep it from separating. Use a roller to press the seam, and then remove the dowel rods one at a time as you apply pressure to the top of the laminate.  Do this until you have removed all of the dowel rods and the second piece is secure. Roll the top with the roller.

Step 3 - Trim Excess Laminate Material On Countertop Base

Use the router and flush cut laminate cutting bit to trim excess material from the top laminate pieces and create a clean edge.

Step 4 - Attach Laminate Material to Edge Facing

Apply glue to the edge facing pieces and apply the laminate material the edges. Again, take care when joining or butting two pieces of laminate together.

Step 5 - Trim Excess Laminate Material on Edge Facing

Use the router to trim the edge facing laminate material.

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