How to Build a Deck Roof Addition How to Build a Deck Roof Addition

What You'll Need
Deck screws
Pressure Treated Lumber

Not having enough outdoor space can be a major problem for anyone living at home and that's why people can quickly benefit from a deck roof addition. A deck roof addition is not an easy project, however with a bit of practice you should be able to perfect and improve your roof by installing this deco roof addition.

With the right tools and materials you will be able to build your own deck roof addition. It will however take plenty of practice to get the best results, a roof top deck is also something that you can improve and correct over time.

Step 1 - Looking for Uneven Areas

Before you can convert your roof into a roof deck you will first need to check your roof for any uneven patches. If there are any dips or raised patches in the roof then you will need to find a way to conceal and repair these before you can find a successful way of decking the roof. You can also create a complete roof top garden if you want by purchasing large trees in pots, growing evergreen trees will often be the easiest option.

Step 2 - Creating Raised Beds

Use pieces of lumber to create raised beds which can then be used to plant flowers and vegetables. If you want to turn your roof top garden into somewhere where you can plant anything then creating these raised beds is important so that your plants have enough space to grow properly. Before starting the planters line them with thick polythene sheeting to prevent any water damage being caused to the roof itself. Add gravel at the bottom of the container before filling with soil and planting the plants.

Step 3 - Measurements

Take measurements of your roof and ensure that these are as accurate as possible. The measurements will then be used to make joists which can then support the decking off the surface of your roof. This is a very useful way which can be used to prevent the decking from becoming water logged or damaged.

Step 4 - Cutting Wood

Now you need to make joists out of pressure treated 2x4 lumber, use the measurements you just took to make a series of joists which span the surface e of your flat roof and are able to support the lengths of decking planks that you are fitting. Also be careful to ensure that you don't leave a plank too long without support because this could cause it to snap or break.

Step 5 - Constructing Joists

Joists then need to be constructed and secured together using long screws. These joists will become the basis of your deck and so it's very important that they are perfectly level and not likely to move.

Step 6 - Decking

Next you need to measure and cut the decking planks in a similar way to normal. Then position these onto the joists that you have just constructed and fix them down as normal using long decking screws. Ensure that all of the planks are securely fitted and fixed down so that they cannot move. 

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