How to Build a Deck Roof on a Carport

What You'll Need
Drill and drill bits
Power saw
Deck boards
Deck screws
Long screws
Metal joists
Pressure-treated lumber
Wood sealant

Homeowners who already have a carport attached to their home can maximize their carport's potential by building a deck structure on top of the carport. Whether you don't have enough outdoor space or simply would like to enjoy the view and beauty of nature from the comfort of your own home, a carport deck is a great way to achieve both of these goals. Although building a deck roof on top of a carport is not easy, and will require more than one person to complete, with the right tools and instructions it is possible to achieve a professional result in a reasonable amount of time.

Step 1 - Check Carport Roof

In order to build a deck onto the roof of your carport, you will need an even, lump free area to build on. Check your carport roof to make sure that there are no major uneven or "hilly" areas that will prevent deck installation. If you notice some problem areas, you will need to cover or repair these areas before beginning this project.

Step 2 - Take Measurements

Measure the length and width of your roof carefully as you will be using these measurements to build the framework and joist system that will support and sustain the entire deck structure. Take more than one measurement and average them to get the most accurate information.

Step 3 - Create Frame and Cut Joists

Using the roof measurements you just took, cut four framing boards that will enclose your carport roof. Lay each board into position and screw each board in place to create a solid frame. Measure the vertical space in between the frame. Using this measurement, cut enough vertical joist beams to span the length of the roof and create a solid support system for your deck. 

Step 4 - Install Joists

Drill pilot holes into each joist and secure them to the frame using long screws. Once you are finished installing each joist, brace the corners of the framework with metal joists for added stability. Check the entire structure with a carpenter's level to ensure that the surface is completely even before you begin to install the deck boards. 

Step 5 - Lay Decking

Before laying the deck boards, be sure to install any electric wiring, and/or cables that will be needed to power the deck. Once wiring is complete, measure and cut the deck boards to the exact length of the frame work and position the deck boards onto the joists. Check each board to be sure that it is level before drilling pilot holes and screwing them to the deck frame with decking screws. Some boards will have to be bent into a straight line before installation to make sure the finished deck will be even and flat. After installation, seal each deck board with a quality moisture resistant wood sealant to prevent rot and moisture damage.