How to Build a DIY Bed Canopy for a Bed Set Against a Wall

What You'll Need
Fabric for the bed canopy
2 ceiling hooks and anchors
Fabric Pencil
Hem Tape
2 fabric grommets

With a bed that is set against the wall, your bed canopy will typically only encompass two sides of the bed. When making this canopy, opt for a more sheer fabric so that the bed doesn't feel so enclosed.

Step 1- Choose Your Fabric

To measure how much fabric you will need, measure the width of the bed and from floor to ceiling. Add an inch or two to the width of the bed. If you want a fuller feel, double the width of fabric you will need.

Choose a fabric that matches the decor of the room. The fabric shouldn't be to heavy. It should be a light weight material such as organza, tulle, light cotton or any netting material.

Hem the fabric on all sides using fabric glue, needle and thread, or hem tape.

You can also use window curtain panels to make your bed canopy.

Step 2- Using the Hardware

Choose two ceiling hooks to hand the bed canopy fabric on. These can be decorative and should somewhat suit your decor. Make sure that the weight limit is sufficient to support your fabric.

Step 3- Position the Bed

Make sure the bed is in the spot that you want it, prior to drilling the holes.

Step 4- Install the Ceiling Hooks

Using a pencil, mark two spots ont ceiling above the two corners of the bed that are not against the wall. Use the drill to drill a hole into the two marks that you made. Attach the anchor to the hook so that the anchor folds downward.

Insert the hook and anchor into the hole. Make sure that you push it up so the hook is flush agains the ceiling. This ensures that the anchor opens fully. Screw the hook in tighter so that the hook ends up being flush against the wall.

Install the second hook in the same manner

Step 5- Hang Your Fabric

Hold the fabric against the hook to decide where you want the fabric to attach to the hooks. Once you are satisfied, use a fabric pencil to mark where you will make your holes. Using fabric scissors, cut a small hole in the fabric at the mark you made. Using either a hammer or the grommet installer that came with the grommet kit, attach a grommet to the hole. Once you have the grommet attached, follow the same steps to prepare the other set of fabric to be hung.

Once the grommets are attached, hang the fabric from the ceiling hooks. You can always iron the panels before hanging so that they hang straight and even.

Step 6- Decorative Touches

Once you have the fabric hung, take 2 panels of fabric and gather them into one sweeping pool of fabric and use a curtain tie back, left over fabric or a ribbon to tie them together. Repeat with the other side.