How to Build a Dog Kennel

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Sheets of wood
Bolts for locks
Pencil for markings

Providing your pet dog an outdoor dog kennel allows the pet enough space to move around. This healthy alternative of making them enjoy the outdoor life could be built by the petowner for them at less cost than providing for them one that is pre-built and would cost expensive. Making an outdoor door kennel would be a fun activity for kids while making them aware of the importance of caring for their pets.

Prior to building a dog kennel, it is apparent that zoning regulations should be checked in the area. There are areas that have zoning regulations that have specifications on the type and size of kennels that are built in a property. Check this information with your local city or housing authorities.

Step 1- Materials Preparation

Determine what kind of dog kennel is to be made.  The materials to be used should be able to withstand weather condition changes like wind, rain and snow plus the wear and tear from the activities of the dog. 

Step 2- Determining Kennel Size

Measurements to be taken for the dog kennel, the entire area to be enclosed for the dog run and the size of the dog should be taken accurately.  Determine the distance of the dog kennel to your house or the garage allowing for extra space to remain in between.

Step 3- Fencing Features

It is preferred that the fencing to be used for the dog kennel should be heavy-duty, and contains non-toxic plastic to maintain the safety features for the dog of rust and sharp edges.  Before putting up the fencing, make sure to check any sharp corners and breakages that could be harmful to the pet.  The latch to close the door enclosures should be easy to operate but be made sure that it is secure enough for the dog not to be able to push it open on.

Step 4- Sinking the Fences

The fencing to be installed should be well-sunked to the ground, as well as the enclosures and the support posts. This will make the overall fencing sturdier so that your pet could not just dig it out of the ground.

Step 5- Features of the Dog Kennel

The kind of dog kennel to be built should have both an open area and a shaded area for the convenience and protection of the dog. The open area will be the dog’s outdoor activity area but must have protection from the strong heat from the sun.  The enclosed area will provide a shelter for the dog.

Step 6- Appropriate Location for the Dog Kennel

Find a location of the dog kennel to be on high ground to be able to escape any land collapse due to heavy rains. If this happens, the dog kennel may turn muddy from the soil erosion. A dog kennel should be built and placed on high ground or level ground to allow water to easily drain away from the dog kennel maintaining the comfort-level for your pet.