How to Build a Double Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet roll dispensers are available in many styles and one of them is the double toilet paper holder. You can build your own elegant and functional toilet-paper holder in your bathroom. It can hold two toilet-paper rolls. It will be more impressive and inexpensive. Moreover, you will get great pleasure in making it. The material used here is generally utilized for hanging curtains. You can easily get this material from any hardware store.

Follow these simple steps to get it done with ease.

Material and Tools:

  • Wall brackets with top U opening.
  • Wood hanger rod
  • Wood craft circle
  • Screws with knobs
  • Hammer drill
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Self tapping screws
  • Wood working saw
  • Screw driver
  • Adhesive
  • Tape measure
  • Wood sealer
  • Pencil

Step 1- Finding the Length of Rod:

Measure the length of the toilet-paper roll, thickness of wood craft circle and the width of wall hanging rod mounting portion with a tape measure. Length of rod require is equivalent to 2x (length of paper roll+ wall bracket width) + thickness of wood craft ring + extra 3 inches.

Step 2- Cutting the Rod Length:

Mark the length on the wooden hanging rod to be cut with a pencil. Cut it smoothly with a wood saw.

Step 3- Fixing the Wood Craft Circle:

Mark the center of the wood craft circle. Drill a hole of 1 inch diameter in it. Slide the ring over the rod and fix it in its center with a wood adhesive. Let it dry. Apply a coat of wood sealer on the rod including the center circle to save it from moisture.

Step 4- Aligning the Wall Brackets:

Keep the wall brackets (4 inch projection and 1 inch slot) with their wall-mounting faces resting on floor and the U opening facing the same side. Insert the hanger rod into U openings of the brackets so that the rod rests in them properly. Allow the rod to protrude about ½ inch at each end. Fix the rod with brackets using the locking screws knobs in the tapped holes in bracket. The brackets are aligned now.

Step 5- Marking the Bracket Holes on the Wall:

Place the toilet paper holder assembly against the wall where it is to be mounted with the mounting faces of brackets touching the wall and U opening upwards. Take help of another person to hold it in proper position keeping the rod horizontal. Mark the positions of screw holes on the wall with a pencil through the holes in wall brackets.

Step 6- Fixing the Toilet paper holder:

Drill the holes on the markings into the wall using a hammer drill and masonry drill bit. Push plastic sleeves into the holes and fix the holder brackets (keeping U opening upside) on the wall with screws using a screw driver. The double toilet paper roll holder is fixed. To put the toilet paper rolls, loosen the knobs and take out the rod. Put the toilet paper rolls and fix the hanger rod back on the brackets.