How to Build a Drinking Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Drinking fountain sink and nozzle set
Faucet splitter
Outdoor water pipe
Elbow joint
Tape measure

Building a drinking water fountain is a great way to add some practical decoration to your garden. By following the correct steps for the project, you will be able to create a useful focal point to be proud of.

Step 1 – Scout and Prepare Location

Begin the process of building a drinking water fountain by plotting where you intend to install it and checking that it is an appropriate location. Ensure that the fountain will be stable by moving unnecessary items and flattening the surface.

Step 2 – Lay Pipe Work

Use a wrench to connect a faucet splitter to the nozzle of the outdoor faucet, this will allow you to connect a separate pipe to the faucet and lay it to where you intend to place the drinking water fountain. Once it is in position, connect an elbow joint to the end of the hose which comprises a vertical shaft of about three feet long and tighten it with a wrench. This will enable you to connect the plumbing fixtures that should be included with the fountain.

Step 3 – Test and Add Connections

At this stage, you should turn on the faucet to check that water flows so that you know the connection works properly. Once this is complete, turn off the water supply. Support the elbow joint by laying out a small even amount of gravel beneath it and applying mortar on top of this as a foundation for the pipe, leave it to dry. You will then be in a position to add the connectors and pipes that came with the drinking water fountain. Position the connecting pipe in the relevant place and use a wrench to tighten the nut in order to secure the pipes together. If necessary, keep the pipe propped up where you need it with a plank of wood that is on the diagonal with the other end to the ground.

Step 4 – Build Base

Once the pipe is up, you will be in a position to build the base upon which the drinking water fountain will sit. To get the correct size to give the fountain proper support, begin by measuring the base of the fountain. If you are unsure of what type of design you want to create, sketch out a design for drinking fountains of different shapes. Bear in mind the height of people who will be making use of the fountain to determine how high it should be. Gradually build up layers of bricks and mortar in accordance with your design until you are at the desire level. Fill the recess with mortar to support the pipe.

Step 5 – Attach Fountain

Thread the pipe through the gap in the fountain and use the relevant components included with the fountain to connect the pipe with the nozzle. Turn the water on to test it again before securing the fountain to the base.