How to Build a Drop Leaf Pedestal Table How to Build a Drop Leaf Pedestal Table

What You'll Need
Paint brush
Wood putty
Sand paper
Screw driver
Carpenter's glue
Hand saw
Circular saw
Tape measure
Decorative PVC column
Rail that fits into track and slides out

Making a drop leaf pedestal table can seem like a daunting task if you have never done it before. Here are a few steps though that can help you through the process with ease.

Step 1 - Purchase the Column

You will want to first purchase the PVC decorative column. You can do this on line or at many decoration and hardware stores. You will want to make sure that you get the lower part of it as well as the top cap.

Step 2 - Assemble the Column

Now you can follow the instructions to put together the column depending on the kind that you get. Typically you will want to use carpenter's glue to attach the top cap to the lower end of it and then use the screw driver to attach any screws that come with the kit.

Step 3 - Make the Table Top

Use plywood and measure a perfect square for your table top. You will want to make sure that you measure and then mark the spots before cutting. Then, you can cut two more pieces of plywood out for either side of your drop leaf pedestal table. You will want these to be the same length but the width is up to you. Many times people will round out the two leaves so that the table winds up being oval in the end but this is up to you. Once the pieces are cut you will want to sand down the edges to make sure that everything is even and smooth. Flip over the middle square section and drill in the track so that when extended it will stick out either way and the rail can support the two leaves. You will see that there are spots in the bracket of the track to drill through. Then you can insert the actual rails into the tracks and test them out.

Step 4 - Add Hinges

Now you want to line everything up on the floor evenly so that the pieces fit together. Drill hinges on the bottom of them so that they connect to each other and they can open and close. You want to do them so that when the table is on, the leaves can go down.

Step 5 - Assemble

Now you can center the table top on the pedestal and drill through to attach them together. Cover the hole with wood putty.

Once everything is put together you will want to test it all out. Be sure that the pedestal and table top are even and that they do not wobble at all. Then you will want to try out each leaf and rail support to make sure that they hold. Then tighten anything that needs to be secured. Now you can actually test it out for dinner or whatever the use is supposed to be.

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