How to Build a Dry Sauna Room

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What You'll Need
Safety goggles
Treated 2x4 boards
1/2-inch 4x6 cedar boards
1/2-inch plywood sheets
Electric saw
Zinc screws
Tape measure
1/8-inch drill bit

A dry sauna room provides a place to have a session of intense heat to produce sweating. There are many companies that offer sauna kits that are easy to construct. However, you can build your own sauna room in an extra bedroom in your house or in your garage or basement. Building your sauna in a corner of a basement is very beneficial as two of the walls you will need for your sauna are already existing. With the right tools and instruction, you can build your sauna on your own.

Step 1 - Determine Size

Before beginning your sauna construction, it is important to determine what size you want your sauna to be. One of the factors for determining the size is how many people will occupy the space. The smaller the size of the space, the better so as to heat it quickly and conserve energy. After you determine the size, you can then calculate how much material you will need such as the number of boards and plywood sheets. Be sure to mark the dimensions on the two existing walls.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut

Put on your safety goggles and gloves. With your tape measure, mark the dimensions on the 2x4 boards, 4x6 cedar boards, and plywood and use an electric saw to cut the boards to your measurements. Cutting all boards at this time will enable you to have all materials prepared for assembly.

Step 3 - Build Frame

The 2x4 boards will be used to build the frame of your sauna. When constructing the frame, place the boards together and use screws to hold them in place. Using screws will ensure a tight seal for your frame. Ensure that you create the frame to include the door and be approximately 4-inches from the floor of your basement for airspace.

Step 4 - Construct Walls, Ceiling, and Floor

With the prepared plywood sheets, you can now construct the walls of your sauna. With your hammer and nails, attach the plywood to the frame. Ensure that you hammer the plywood evenly across to make the sauna as airtight as possible. When your walls are complete, construct the floor and ceiling of your sauna.

Step 5 - Attach Cedar to Walls Floor and Ceiling

Once the walls, ceiling, and floor are completed, it is now to cover these spaces with cedar. Carefully place the cedar in a locking fashion on all four walls to give you the best airtight sauna. Use the zinc screws to attach the cedar to the walls, ceiling, and floor. Hang the sauna door.

Step 6 - Install Heater

Install your sauna heater in the middle of your sauna. If you are not electrically inclined, consult a professional to wire the heater for you. Ensure that the heater can reach the proper temperature for heating your sauna.

Step 7 - Seating

There are different variations of seating. You can build bench seats along the walls of your sauna or purchase chairs and arrange in any fashion you like.