How to Build a Duplex Dog House

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Electric screwdriver
Galvanized wood screws
Foam insulation
Tar paper
Corner braces
Waterproof epoxy

It's easy to think of a duplex dog house as being a smaller scale version of a real duplex without the taxes or expensive upkeep. The duplex dog house is, in fact, a somewhat larger than average dog house that is divided in half with two entrances. Two dogs can share the house without getting in the way of the other. A duplex dog house takes up less space than two regular dog houses. With minimal tools and supplies you can build a duplex dog house and this article will show you how.

Step 1 – Size the Duplex Dog house

Determine the size of the duplex dog house based on the size of the largest dog and the size of your yard. You need to make sure the space is large enough for both dogs both in width and height with some room to spare. Once the dimensions are determined the wood can be cut to the sizes you need. The plywood will be used for the center partition, the floor, four walls and the roof. The 2x4s will be used for the base and for framing.

Step 2 – Build the Base

Lay out the cut 2x4 for the base on the thick end. There will be five pieces that make up the base. Place the front 2x4 against one of the side 2x4 and make a pilot hole between the two. Line the boards up and screw them together. Repeat with the back piece and the remaining side. Connect these two pieces together. Place the remaining 2x4 in the center lengthwise and screw in place. Place the floor on top of the base. Make pilot holes at each corner and the center of each side and three holes in the center. Affix with the wood screws.

Step 3 – Install the Walls

Stack the roof pieces together and cut them at a slight angle. This helps to keep water from pooling on the roof. The front and back panels also need to be cut the same angle but as an A-frame. Use the trimmed sides as a guide. Glue the insulation in place on the wall pieces. Place the side walls on the base and drill pilot holes and then attach with the screws. Place the divider piece in the center of the base and toenail in place. Affix the back piece to the base. Glue the insulation to the front piece and then cut out the doorways. Attach the front piece to the base. Once all of the walls are installed place a corner brace at each corner for extra structural integrity.

Step 4 – Install the Roof

The roof is in two pieces to maintain the angle needed to allow water to properly run off and not pool on the duplex dog house. Glue insulation to the roof pieces and center them on the wall. Nail in place along the edges and center. Place the tar paper on the roof with nails.